Champions Never Win Alone

Create your success story with a team that builds winning campaigns.

About Hop Skip Media (formerly Ameet Khabra Marketing).

We’ve had a few years to figure out what works when marketing businesses online. It starts with figuring out what’s working (or not) and what you need to do to reach your marketing potential.

It also requires us to be honest about what will work--and what won’t.

We’ve worked in enough places to know what makes a great work and what makes a great team. That’s why we only work with a select number of clients, so we know that we are able to focus on delivering the best service for you.

We get results quickly, reporting everything back to you, good and bad, and pivoting to the goal, especially if things don’t work how we want them to. Sometimes the fastest way to success isn’t a direct path. We try to stay open to all opportunities, and we never leave you behind.

A word about our fearless leader:

Professionally speaking, Ameet spent the last decade working for companies of all shapes and sizes, from enterprise to agencies, learning the ropes and developing her own approach to marketing and advertising online. She and her team push to get quick wins and results quickly, and build successes on one another. If things don’t work, she shines light on it and reworks the angles until they do.

Personally, Ameet is a highly opinionated, moderately funny animal lover whose obsession over American football (the REAL football, she says) borders on crazy. Few arguments are ever lost on the NFL… better conversations are had about her talkative dogs, Luke & Leia, and her endlessly fuzzy rabbit, George.

We do things differently

Our Mission/Vision

Stay Personable

Never email what must be done in person.

Be Direct

It's always easier to be honest up front.

Give Back

The world doesn't get better by accident.

Push Hard

Bring everything. Take no prisoners.

Respond + Act

Pivot, end the unprofitable, race to the goal.

Learn + Do

Marry constant learning + massive action.