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Why go to hundreds of different sites when just one will do? My glossary of over 160 PPC-related terms defined is the largest collection of its kind! Never feel out-of-the-loop again and learn what the f*** terms like GCLID mean, and exactly how to define measurements like CTR and CPM. Get my ULTIMATE PPC Glossary for FREE!

Does your agency always talking about RLSAs, Bounce Rates, and doing Keyword Research? Are they asking you if you’re happy with your Impression Share and you’re not really sure how to answer that question?

It can be hard to keep up with the seemingly never-ending industry jargon. That’s why we put together the ULTIMATE Pay Per Click Glossary! It’s so that you can have a one-stop-shop for all of your term definitions and explanations.

Best of all, there are over 160 terms broken down in ONE document making it the largest on the internet*. Now you can be confident when talking about how the CTA needs to be more compelling. Get it today!

* Last time we checked.

3 reviews for The ULTIMATE PPC Glossary

  1. Vashal

    There’s a lot of definitions in it, but I have found it rather helpful.

    • Ameet Khabra

      Thanks Vashal!

  2. Beverley Theresa

    Thanks so much for the freebie download. I don’t know very much about PPC so this will be super helpful while I learn more about it!

    • Ameet Khabra

      Thanks Beverley! Glad you liked it 🙂

  3. Matt Smith

    This is the must have PPC Glossary for both new and experienced PPC marketers. It has been a super helpful resource for me!

    • Ameet Khabra

      Thanks for the review, Matt! I really appreciate it.

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