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Our clients call it “magic” when we deliver 563% ROI  (yes, that’s a real number).
We call it, “What happens 
when your PPC team knows what they’re doing.”

Use the same checklist we use to achieve these results.


"... we more than tripled our overall campaign conversions (without additional spend) in the first year of working together."
Idris Fashan
Idris Fashan
Daytona Homes

A Note from Our Founder

Ameet Khabra PPC Specialist

Ameet Khabra

I live and breathe PPC. (My dogs, Luke and Leia, think I’m a workaholic — but is it really a problem when you love what you do and the people you work with?) The only thing I’ve spent more time studying is American football.

I might be slightly obsessed, but I’m not romantic about PPC . The team and I at Hop Skip Media continuously monitor, test and report on your account, and we let the data drive our decisions. Most importantly, we openly, consistently share that insight with you. Transparency and communication are my core principles.

Learn more about how we can help you get PPC off your plate, and achieve faster business growth with digital ads. Start here to talk to me about your PPC needs.

"Ameet and her team created and executed a plan for us in only a few days that was extremely successful - over 500% ROI. "
Cory Tretiak
Cory Tretiak
Adventure Warehouse

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