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A Note From Our Founder, Ameet Khabra

We're Great At What We Do

Earning—and keeping—your trust is something we think a lot about. 

The best way to do that is to live up to our commitments, getting you the results you need. But more than that, we live for partnerships and friendships that last years. 

I live and breathe PPC. (My dogs, Luke and Leia, think I'm a workaholic - but is it really a problem when you love what you do and the people you work with?) The only thing I've spent more time studying is American football.

I might be slightly obsessed, but I'm not romantic about PPC. The team and I at Hop Skip Media continuously monitor, test and report on your account, and we let the data drive our decisions. Most importantly, we openly, consistently share that insight with you. Transparency and communication are my core principles.

Learn more about how we can help you get PPC off your plate, and achieve faster business growth with digital ads. Start here to talk to me about your PPC needs.

Google AdWords Expert Ameet Khabra of Hop Skip Media PPC Agency

Make Data Driven Decisions

Paid Search Advertising

Get higher conversions and more leads out of your Google Ads.

Display & Mobile Advertising

Increase your ROI by reaching customers who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Consulting & Training

Learn how to run PPC ad campaigns that actually grow your business.



What Our Happy Client Says

"...[the Hop Skip Media analysts are] Google and Facebook Ads aficionado with a data-driven focus that has been tremendously useful to our digital ads strategy."

Our Approach to Record-Breaking Ad Campaigns

Ongoing keyword research

Targeting the right keywords is the right first step - but we don't rest on this success. We continually expand and optimize your PPC account with new high-performing keywords and build out your list of negative keywords to make sure your ads are laser-focused on the right customers.

High-converting ads

Not an ad copywriter? That's okay. We write your ads for you, then test, test and test again to increase your ad click-through rate along with your conversion rate.

Actively managed PPC campaigns

Processing daily ad reports, optimizing bids, monitoring A/B testing, cleaning up keyword lists - these are just a few of the tasks we take care of for you every day that increase the performance of your campaigns.

Measure constantly, optimize forever

A PPC expert's job is never done. We make sure your conversion tracking is set up properly from the beginning so we can watch your metrics and adjust your ad campaign as often as necessary to maximize your ROAS (return on ad spend)


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What Our Happy Client Says

"Ameet and her team created and executed a plan for us in only a few days that was extremely successful - over 500% ROI."

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Start by filling out our intake form here. Once we have this initial information, we'll coordinate with you to schedule your call with our Director of Sales & Marketing, Idris Fashan. On this call, Idris will help you figure out the next best step to get you toward your goal.


Next, you'll fill out some basic paperwork and we'll get access to the accounts we need to make your online advertising run like a well-oiled, lead-generation machine.

We Do Our Thing and Send You Regular Updates

Your new-and-improved PPC ads are typically up and running within 2 weeks of onboarding. We've got everything handled for you now - from keyword planning to ad creation to testing and optimization.

You'll get regular bi-weekly updates from us so you will always know what's working. You’ll see up close what we're fine-tuning to get you the best possible results from your ad spend, and we’re happy to walk through any questions you have about it.

We Can Help You

Talk to Us About Your PPC Marketing

Don't waste another dime on PPC campaigns that aren't delivering high-quality leads and outstanding conversion rates. Improve the ROI of your marketing spend now with expertly delivered PPC consulting services from Hop Skip Media.

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