A guide on maximizing effectiveness with ad customizers.

How to Use Ad Customizers to Improve Effectiveness

All advertisers dream of scaling their ads to appeal to specific customers. You want to send the right message at the right time. This will help you maximize your advertising dollars. How can this be done efficiently? With ad customizers! 

What Are Ad Customizers?

Just a little recap!! ?

Ad customizers reduce setup time and the quality of your ad becomes immensely more powerful.

Why? Because you only need one piece of ad copy, and then you can use ad customizers to create hundreds of variations. You’ve created all those extra ads without tons of extra work, reaching thousands of customers while you play golf instead of sitting in front of your computer. Yay!

When the ad is shown to the user, the ad customizers (which are parameters) within the ad copy get replaced by dynamic text. The text is adjusted with what you put in the feed file and are selected based on the targeting you defined in the feed. That’s how your ad is dynamically updated.

You no longer have to manually hunt through your ads to adjust prices, products or special offerings. ?

How Are Ad Customizers Different From Ad Params?

Ad customizers are a bit different than ad params and a lot more popular! 

Ad params don’t give you the option to include words in your parameters. You also don’t have the option to add a countdown feature and ad params only include numbers. 

Ad customizers give you the amazing opportunity to change any product information in real-time! You can include text instead of just numbers, and ad customizers include countdown features! 

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How to Target What Your Audience Wants

You provide an ad customizer feed that tells all the info you want to insert into your ads and you choose the circumstances you want that info inserted.

You’re in complete control of managing the process and what information gets pulled. This is the great thing about ad customizers. You can focus and target exactly what your audience is looking for ?

How Do Ad Customizers Work?

Ad customizers are made up of parameters within the ad copy inside braces {like this}. When the ad is shown to a user, then the copy is replaced with dynamic text. The text that replaces the ad customizer is pulled from a feed file that you set up. 

There are various attributes you can choose from in the feed. For example, you can use location, audience lists, special promotions, language, time of day, dates, seasonality and much more. You can also apply ad customizers to an ad group, keyword or campaign. 

You can construct your feed file using custom, targeting, and standard targeting attributes. The targeting attribute determines which item in your feed should be selected to replace the ad customizer parameter when the ad is displayed. 

As you can tell, ad customizers allow you to insert specific details from a feed. This really improves the relevance of your ads which also improves your quality score. And your customers get exactly what they want ?

Why You Need to Be Using Ad Customizers

You Can Use Remarketing Sales Countdowns

Do you know what FOMO is?

Yes, it’s called “fear of missing out.” ?

You can use ad customizers to add the countdown function to let your customers know that they’ll be missing out if they don’t buy before a certain date or time!

This feature increases the likelihood of the lead taking action. It’s an amazing feature! Your buyers who can’t make up their mind about a certain product promotion you’re doing, will see the timer and be more intrigued to buy before the timer runs out. 

If you know you have a lead who already visited your site, you know they’re interested. Using the countdown function when they’re browsing the web will remind them there’s a great deal ending soon. 

They’ll Save You Time

You’ll save loads of time because you won’t have to regularly update your ads. It’s all done with the ad customizers. Plus your ads performance will greatly improve. You’ll have increased CTA and relevancy and quality scores. 

Ad Customizers Are More Efficient

If you want a ton more efficiency, use ad customizers. You can tailor your ads and target your audience with more precision. Here are some features.

  1. You can have time-sensitive CTAs! Use the countdown customizer to show when a sale ends or begins. Or when an event begins or ends. If you have a different product change every month use the customizers to show these changes.
  2. One piece of text can have hundreds of variations when you use customizers. If you have a lot of products and they all have different attributes like color, size, pricing, etc, these are easily changed with customizers.
  3. The greatest advantage is that you only need one ad to manage. From there you apply any changes you want to happen using a spreadsheet. If you want to change the keywords or the ad groups you can do that with only one ad. You change the attributes in a spreadsheet. Then the ‘customizer’ pulls that specific change into the ad. The ad will read the right value from the spreadsheet according to what someone is searching for. 

Have you tried ad customizers yet? If not, try them and experiment with all the features. Your ads will be more dynamic and you’ll be able to save so much time. Be sure to direct all the traffic you’ll be getting to a great landing page and watch your conversion rate go up! Give it a try!

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