Advice for correcting an incorrect ad strategy.

What To Do When Your Ad Strategy is Wrong

The days that you find out your ad strategy is wrong and nothing is working how you expected in your campaign, are the days you want to pull your hair out!! Maybe!

The only way to find out how to run successful ads is to test, test and retest your ads and creative. That way you can find out what your winners are and cut loose those loser ads. All successful advertisers do this and get great results ?

But if you ask those advertisers what the most important types of tests you should do or what elements are the most important to test, you may get several different answers. They don’t really seem to know the answer! ❓

Here are some tips to help you with testing your ad strategy.

Most People Are Making Mistakes In Their Ad Testing!

This happens because advertisers overestimate the value or impact of their account structure on new tests or tools. 

You need to adjust structures to adjust to new tests. 

Tests You Can Run

There are several tests you should make. Always test the ad copy, the images, bidding, target audience and more.

Two challenging elements to test are gender and geo-driven copy tests. It’s impossible to write ads for every city in every country ? But once you run your ad and see specific areas that are struggling, then it’s worth to just target that specific area. And test it! 

Everything Can Be Tested!

Everything is worth testing, but it has to be done right. You don’t want to end up wasting your time ⏰

You can’t measure creative tests on Google Display Network or YouTube the same way you measure Search Engine Marketing.

If you’re testing a new entrepreneur business you’ve started you can’t measure it the same way as you would just getting out of your comfort zone. 

Test Different Bidding Strategies

If you are just starting out with your ad strategy, it’s best to leave bidding options alone. That is an advanced feature. 

You have 4 options with bidding.

  • CPM is the amount you’re bidding you want to pay the maximum for 1000 impressions.
  • CPC is what you will pay only when a user clicks on your ad.
  • oCPM only displays your ads for people who are most likely to convert.
  • CPA is bidding the maximum you want to pay for a specific action.

There are a few limits to some of these bidding strategies. It depends on your goals ? and what you’re promoting.

Test Different Ad Types

It’s important to test different ad types. 

The only problem with this is that it can only be done at campaign level. Your adverts can end up competing against each other. Your CPC will go up. But it’s more beneficial to test this than worry about the CPC going up. 

There are several options to test. For example, you can test clicks to website vs boosted post vs conversion ad. This is a good place to start if your goal is conversions.

Exclude Useless Tests

The elements you want to exclude will make sense according to the ad strategy you have. You can exclude locations if the service you provide is only available in a certain town. 

Or if your product is for women only, you can exclude gender immediately. Easy peasy!

Apply What You’ve Learned!

Once you’ve tested your ad strategy and found something that works, test it again with another element.

Take what you’ve learned over time and apply them to new tests!

And test your tests! Can’t stress that enough. You have to do a lot of testing to get your ads performing great. It’s the only way you’ll know if your ad strategy is gone all wrong or not. Many people just let their ads fly the way they first created them. But if you want to really be successful, testing is essential. 

Also, when you notice through your testing tat something is working, like your ad copy, you won’t have to write new copy ? for every promotion. You may find that you have an ad that can’t be beat! Good for you when this happens! But testing is what will show these things rather than trying to guess what is going great or not.

Testing your ad strategy is a great way to find out what is wrong ? with your ad and what is right with your ad. You can test every single element against a similar element until you get a great ad going. Practice and test are the best things to do when you think your ad strategy is wrong! ?

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