Why You Need to Advertise on Pinterest

As a business owner, you want to increase brand awareness and engagement, drive traffic and boost sales from your website. One effective way to do this is to advertise on Pinterest. People on Pinterest are there to take action. For this reason, Pinterest’s 250 million users search for topics they’re interested in and click on Pins to learn more. 

Brands who use Pinterest ads not only increase awareness for their brand but they see results with Pinterest’s’ targeting capabilities. Pinterest users come to the platform to shop. In fact, more than half of Pinterest users have purchased something from the site. Pinners spend 29% more than non-Pinners. Now that’s something advertisers can get excited about!

Pinterest is well on its way to becoming a sought-after platform for advertising. Their users are 47% more likely to be introduced to new brands than on other social media platforms. 

Are you convinced to advertise on Pinterest yet? Take a look at these reasons why you won’t want to miss out on this platform’s advertising opportunity. 

Pinterest is Great for Funnels

The sales funnel process starts with bringing in a large number of leads to your website, who then start to get to know you and what you have to offer. You ultimately want some of those leads to make a purchase ?

Other social media sites are used by marketers to attract traffic and create awareness. Then their traffic goes to a landing page or product page. A business owner may have to use several different tools like Google Ads, landing page creators, webinar tools, among others, to take their interested customers all the way to a sale ?

Pinterest Ads are different than other social media ads. Your Pinterest ads can be used throughout the whole marketing funnel. The ads can be used to create awareness of your products or services. Through the entire process, right up to making a sale. 

Pinterest Offers Actalike Audiences

Like Facebook’s lookalike feature and Google’s Similar feature, Pinterest also has “Actalike” audience targeting. With Actalike you only need 100 users to create the audience.

With creating Actalike audiences, you will reach people with similar interests and behaviours to one of your existing audiences. Pinterest will show your ads to people who are most receptive to your content or products. You can use Actalike audience campaigns to also boost traffic to your website and drive online actions. 

You Can Use Rich Pins to Add Traffic to Your Website

It’s easy to install Rich Pins, which is something every business owner should do. Rich Pins are SEO focused. They’re designed to drive traffic back to your website as they provide brand awareness and context to your posts.

With more than 2 million searches on Pinterest, you want to use Rich Pins to increase your leads and brand awareness. 

Rich Pins make your content stand out because of the extra information that appears under your pin on Pinterest. 

  • They drive brand awareness by featuring your logo and website name.
  • Rich Pins will automatically update and information you change about your items on your website. If you change the price on your website, the new price will appear in the Rich Pin.
  • Keywords in your Rich Pins make your content more searchable.
  • Your business will look more professional with Rich Pins. 

Pinners use Pinterest to find and shop for products. They want to make informed decisions about their purchases. Rich Pins help your customers plan their purchases. The price information is shown and will dynamically change whenever you have a sale. 

Included is useful content that your audience is interested in; it provides credibility to your brand. 

Businesses Can Choose From 6 Types of Rich Pins:

  1. Product pins, which include pricing, purchasing details and availability.
  2. Recipe pins that display required ingredients, cooking times, etc.
  3. Article pins feature an article title, description, author and date of publication.
  4. Place pins show a map, address and phone number which is ideal for local businesses.
  5. Movie pins display ratings, reviews, and names of actors.
  6. App pins feature install buttons.

Pinterest Ads can help you understand your audience’s preferences

Up until September 2017, Pinterest’s targeting advertising list only had 400 different interests for businesses to choose from. Now with the Pinterest Taste Graph, you can choose from 5,000 interests and categories in the Pinterest Ads Manager ?

Advertisers can now reach more refined targeted audiences. Pinterest Taste Graph can help you with niche targeting and it provides advertisers with more options. You can then create cheaper and better performing ads.

Pinterest is Great for E-commerce 

E-commerce stores depend on their visual images for sales. And Pinterest is a visually driven social network. With using ads, e-commerce sites can increase their sales as well as circulate new products ??

Pinterest Ads Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

When you advertise on Pinterest and someone clicks on your ad, it should take them to a landing page on your website or a blog post with an opt-in offer. This is how you can collect emails to further talk to your audience and to provide a place for them to purchase what you’re offering. 

Pinterest ads drive traffic to your website, optimize your website to show your visitors what action to take next. They will be interested in your product or services because it’s your targeted ad that brought them to your site. 

Don’t leave them hanging or you will lose good contacts forever. Why? Because nobody comes back to your site a second time if they feel a disconnect and lose that enthusiasm that brought them there in the first place ?

You can advertise on Pinterest to increase brand awareness and sales. You can target Pinterest ads by using keywords that people search for and are engaged with. Create images that are eye-catching and enticing to your ideal customer.

Your ads will remain on the platform forever and can be used the same way regular pins are. That’s the beauty of Pinterest — your pins will never go away! They will continue to bring you new leads for months and years down the road ?

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