Why You Need to Advertise on Quora

You’ve probably already heard of social media advertising on Instagram and Facebook. You might already be using a PPC expert to manage your Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. But have you thought to advertise on Quora? 

I know — it seems like every time you turn around, there’s another internet platform to pour your advertising dollars into. The benefit of internet marketing is that it’s cheaper than traditional and has the potential to reach extremely targeted groups of consumers. 

Before you throw out the possibility of another internet ad, let me explain what Quora is and why it’s beneficial to advertise there. 

What is Quora?

If you’ve ever Googled a long keyword phrase in the form of a question (e.g. why are my feet so big?), a Quora forum likely came up at the top of the results. This popular Q&A website is publicly mediated through a system of upvotes and community contributions. There is a range of questions from the mundane to the scholarly to the deeply personal. Most have truly helpful answers from the community of users. It’s like Reddit meets Ask Amy meets Wikipedia. 

While most people don’t specifically start their web search at Quora, they are often led there through organic search results after entering a question on a search engine. Just as most people don’t purposefully start at Wikipedia but end up clicking and reading the information presented. Quora ranks high in organic search results and offers genuinely helpful user content. 

Quora is a question and answer style forum, so as you probably guessed, it most often comes up in search results when the keyword phrase is a question. People are increasingly posing their searches as questions, particularly with the rising popularity of voice search. This is perfect for Quora! 

And the website now claims to have over 200 million unique monthly visitors! ? So Quora is popular. Yay! But what does that mean for you? It’s just a fancy message board, right? Why would you choose to advertise on Quora?

Why Should You Advertise on Quora?

You Can Reach People Based on Demographic

Quora has millions of users, so it’s possible to reach people who fit your ideal customer avatar. (Pro tip: if you haven’t figured out who your ideal customer is, the time to do that is NOW). 

There are options when it comes to narrowing your audience. You can choose to advertise to people based on psychographic and demographic data. Quora also gives you the option to choose to reach people actively searching for certain answers. You can combine and pick to target people who fit your ideal customer profile AND are actively researching to create a hyper-focused campaign. 

You Have Access to Lots of Organic Traffic

Some people search within Quora for answers. I’m sure there are. Maybe more than just Quora employees. The real power of the website is in their organic search traffic coming from sites like Google and Bing. 

Because of their relevant and user-friendly content, which they have A METRIC TON of, they rank well in organic search on Google and Bing for high qualified (read: expensive to purchase for Google Ads) search terms ?

It is possible to use Quora to boost site traffic organically by sharing your knowledge and commenting on relevant questions. But that takes time and patience. I recommend taking that approach when you have some time on your hands; investing in Quora Ads is a great way to jumpstart your brand awareness. By advertising on pages that rank well for industry-specific keywords, you can boost your brand ?

You Can Build Credibility

When people reach Quora, they are in the research phase of a shopping decision. They might not know what product or service they intend to buy yet. They have a problem they need solving. This is when your company can swoop in and save the day! By offering a relevant solution, you build credibility in potential customers’ eyes. 

The way Quora ads appear to users is an important part of building credibility. With Google Ads, paid advertising is shown at the top of the page. Quora disperses the ads between the actual information on the page. 

Quora allows your brand to place ads between the answers that are directly or indirectly related to your business. If you manage to write your insightful answers to the question, you’ll further cement your business’s place as an expert in the industry. 

You Can Set Custom Conversions in Quora Ads

Quora has a sophisticated conversion system set up that gives advertisers control over their marketing plan. Using the Quora Conversion Pixel, you can track specific goals and events, enabling them to optimize conversions on ad campaigns. Then using the Conversion Pixel tab, find the code snippet for the pixel. By adding this code to the page where you’re tracking conversions, the pixel will send info back to Quora. Using this method, you can track conversions, measure activity, and optimize your advertising accordingly. 

Quora Ads use the CPC model and are powered by a real-time auction. Advertisers set up the target audience, set their CPC bid, and monitor conversions and activity. It is simple to adjust Quora Ads as needed to improve performance. 

Image and Video-based Ads

So far, only text ads are available on Quora. But as we all know, images and especially video are the future. The popularity of apps like TikTok shows that younger users are focused on video. Quora has been experimenting with video advertising in beta mode, so hopefully, image and video ads are coming soon! 

Quora is Inexpensive

You already know that internet marketing is cheaper than traditional methods like billboards, television, radio, and print. The benefit of internet marketing is the ability to maximize every dollar and to narrow your audience. Quora provides these benefits and can be cheaper than other internet marketing avenues ??

If you want to learn how much it would be to advertise on Quora for your business, let’s talk!

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to advertise on Quora, Google, Facebook, Bing, LinkedInTwitter, or YouTube. The first step is figuring out what platforms are useful to your business. Along with how to effectively utilize them. That’s where I come in. I am steeped in PPC and ready to talk any time of day or night (all right, I do sleep sometimes, so if it’s after 6 PM MST, you’ll have to leave a message). 


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