Why You Need to Advertise on YouTube

Whenever you need to find a how-to video on fixing your broken sink, instructions for a DIY tablescape, or inspiration for a sassy hairdo ??‍♀️, you can be sure you’ll find all your answers on YouTube. The platform has become the go-to platform for any subject. Its popularity continues to grow with a billion hours of watched videos every day. A billion!! ?You may want to advertise on YouTube while this opportunity is still affordable.

YouTube is a growing platform 

Believe it or not but, YouTube is more popular for 18 to 49-year-olds. This group represents a lot of buying power. And, therefore, is a good reason for you to advertise on YouTube. 

This age group may not represent your entire target market but is a large enough market that most businesses will be able to successfully advertise to it. 

Because of advancing technology, YouTube is growing and being viewed on more devices than just laptops and smartphones. With the help of streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku, people are watching YouTube more and more through smart TVs and gaming devices. Watching YouTube on TV has doubled year after year ? 

Because of this increased viewing and access through many different devices, business owners have a greater opportunity to reach their target market with YouTube.

Your Reach on YouTube is Massive

The reach on YouTube is really huge. I mean, it’s the world’s second most-used search engine ? And it ranks third as the most visited site after Google and Facebook. WOW.

There are 1.3 billion users on YouTube! Every minute, 300 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube. There lies the potential for your growth when you advertise on YouTube. 

Google calls this audience of viewers Gen C — The YouTube Generation, “a powerful new force in culture and commerce.”

YouTube Provides Multiple Ad Options

There are several ways to reach your target audience if you want to advertise on YouTube. 

You’ve probably already seen the YouTube TrueView In-Stream Ads. That long title is referring to the ads that appear before or during a video. You can frequently skip them after 5 seconds. Many viewers will skip your ads at this point, but you don’t have to pay for those views! ? You only pay when someone watches to the end of the 30-second mark, whichever comes first.

Another way to advertise on YouTube is by using the TrueView discovery ads. When someone watches a video on a topic that relates to your ad, then your ad will appear in the related content section. This type of ad also appears in search results.

As an advertiser on YouTube, you can also take advantage of a newer ad type called bumper ads; these ads are 6-second ads that cannot be skipped. They appear in the beginning, middle, or end of a video people are watching. Because these ads can’t be skipped and are short, people will have to watch them if they want to watch the rest of their video.

YouTube Targeting Capabilities Allow You to Reach the Right Audience

You can reach the exact audience you want with YouTubes’ targeting capabilities. These methods consist of 3 categories. 

  1. The first category is Affinity audiences. This is where your ads raise brand awareness among people who are interested in relevant topics.
  2. The second category is in In-Market audiences, which means your ads are targeted to people who are actively looking to buy what you offer.
  3. The third category is called the “Life Event” audience. Life events, for example, are things like marriage, graduation, moving, getting engaged, etc. 

Advertising on Youtube is Affordable

Another reason you need to advertise on YouTube is how cheap it is to get your ads running. Like mentioned earlier, with TrueView ads, you only pay when someone actually watches your ad.

The other ad types are also very cost-effective. That’s an incredible advertising opportunity for business owners where they reach can be in the millions. 

Viewers Come With High Buying Intent

Videos are at the top of content marketing when it comes to conversion because the buying intent is already there. Users don’t buy because they’re taken in by videos and can’t resist. It’s because of the buying intent they already have. 

No other platform besides YouTube can put your videos in front of that buying intent. Be sure to get your targeting right and then let your ads reach those high-quality leads ?

It’s Easy to Track Analytics

Use YouTube’s metrics to gather information about views, costs and budget details, and in-depth information about your viewers. 

The data you collect depends on what format and pricing your choose for your ad. You’re also able to track how often an ad is watched and how much of its length is watched. All of these metrics will show you which ads are doing great and which ones need improvement.

ROI Is High Across Pricing Options

Studies have shown that YouTube ads have a higher ROI than traditional TV ads. That’s huge! There is a wide range for investing in your ads and several different price points to think about. There are expensive options and very low options like the True View In-Stream ads. Your business should determine its budget first. 

Advertising on YouTube has gained popularity over the years because it offers a wide reach, easily available metrics, advanced targeting, high ROI, and flexible pricing. You can see the benefits of why you want to advertise on YouTube. Take advantage of YouTube’s many benefits now and use this platform to gain more reach and sales!

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