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How to Organize Your Adwords Campaign Structure

You’ve developed tons of strategies for your PPC campaign within the past year, but have you ever considered going back and cleaning them up?

When you initiate a variety of campaigns, you might see side effects, like a negatively impacted long-term performance. 

Luckily, now is the perfect time of year to clean up and review these campaigns. ?

Organize Your Entire Account

It is so much easier if you organize your entire account at the same time as opposed to doing it a little at a time. When you do that, everything is done and you don’t have to worry about it later. 

It’s important to set aside a length of time where you can accomplish the restructuring, especially if you’re planning on utilizing other team members to help. Try scheduling it in on your calendar so you won’t plan anything else during that time.

Imagine Your Ideal Adwords Campaign Structure

Visualizing what you want your new structure to look like will majorly help in guiding the revamp. 

When you imagine the interface and then break everything down into campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads you can effectively create a better-than-ever account. 

A key to doing this efficiently is to keep asking yourself “why?”. Map everything out, and with each aspect ask yourself why it will work best that way. If you like the answer, then keep it. If you don’t, then you know you need to figure out something else.

Get Rid of The Campaigns You Don’t Need

Take a look at your current campaigns and choose which ones still serve a purpose to your reorganized account. If that campaign doesn’t align with your new structure, then pause it and give it a new name that makes it stand out (like a date, adding “paused”, etc.)

❌ If it’s a toss up, consider what value the campaign brings. If you find it doesn’t bring the value you’d expect, then it’s time to let it go.

Work By Category

Get the bigger picture of your account by creating the skeletons for your campaigns first. That way, you can still see what you have in the account, as well as what’s missing or what you need. This is especially effective in making sure you’re creating the account to match your vision.

Don’t decide on a campaign, fill it out and make it meaty, and then move on to the next and do the same thing – you need to work smarter, not harder.

Go Through Everything

Make sure you comb through everything. It’s easiest if you begin with your campaigns, then work your way through ad groups, keywords, ads, extensions, and then everything else.

Clean up your keywords

When was the last time you reviewed your PPC campaigns? Weeks? Months? Years? 

When creating your campaign, you can’t ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to your keywords and ad groups. Keywords and rankings are constantly changing, which means you should be reviewing your campaigns just as frequently.

To ensure your PPC campaigns are as effective as possible, look through your keywords and lists. Go back about a year and set your filters for low search volume and low impression keywords, and then remove them. These can bring down the Quality score of your ad groups and campaigns.

Now, you’re set to start researching new keywords and start creating new ad groups. Keywords can change based on season, audience, products, and whatever is trending. Make sure you’re aware of these changes.

Do a seasonal reset

Being irrelevant is the last thing you should be doing. When you’re a small to medium sized business, make sure you’re aware of the seasons and what your campaigns are tailored for.

You don’t need to be pursuing winter jackets when it’s spring. When you go through your list, consider replacing those keywords with ones tailored towards upcoming holidays or seasons.

Evaluate Audience Targeting

While you likely utilize geographic reach, keyword relevancy, and time of day into your campaigns make sure you’re also including audience targeting.

One of the best things about paid searches is the ability to filter down to certain criteria (think age, hobbies, interests) for your audiences. 

Whether you’re a fitness coach/company or sell punny shirts, you can find a way to evaluate your key audience and optimize your PPC account to them. It’s actually pretty amazing all the different ways you can get specific about your audience targeting.

Cleaning out your PPC account can take a lot of time, patience, and thought. Your accounts can get pretty out of control quickly, but luckily you can follow these basic steps that will clean them up in no time.

Do you have a method you like to follow to reorganize your campaigns? Tell me below! ?

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