Ameet Khabra

Hi! I'm Ameet, a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Expert and all-around badass (or so I've been told). I have over a decade of experience managing PPC campaigns for a variety of industries. I split my time between Edmonton and Vancouver, Canada, and I'm the proud founder and owner of Ameet Khabra Marketing, the PPC-focused campaign management and consultancy firm that has provided for me over the years. Over the past 10 years I've used my PPC campaign management expertise to: - Create a 478% ROI (return on investment) for a leisure/hobby client within the first month of taking over their PPC campaign management, and increased ROI to 563% the next month - Increase conversions by 82% and decrease CPA by 16% in one month for a food delivery client - Increase conversions by 176.92% and decrease CPA by 92.37% within first 14 days of working with an automotive repair client - Increase conversions by 124.65% in one month and sustain (on average) a 15.13% increase in conversions for a heavy duty equipment client If you want help managing your PPC campaigns please reach out to me via email . You can also find me on Twitter , LinkedIn , and Instagram . Follow Ameet Khabra Marketing on Facebook and Pinterest , and check out Pay Per Click Advertising with Ameet Khabra on YouTube for quick tips on how to get the most out of your PPC Campaigns!

Why You Need to Stop Using Long-Tail Keywords in Your Ads

Most marketers believe that using long-tail keywords is the most effective way to get traffic that converts without having to spend big, especially with Google Ads. In marketing, many people believe that using long-tail keywords generates high-conversion traffic, making it possible to even double a client’s profit by transforming simple keywords into long-tail keyword phrases …

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