Ameet Khabra

Ameet Khabra is not only an accomplished PPC expert and strategist but also a relentless seeker of understanding the online user behavior. With a decade of experience within her grasp, she beautifully weaves the threads of user insights into effective marketing strategies, ensuring dazzling results for clients. Her prowess extends from the world of digital marketing to academia, where she mentors aspiring PPC professionals at the university level. She's the go-to person for clients who value transparency and a strategist who knows when to recalibrate PPC campaigns to achieve maximal outcomes. Connect with her, and you're sure to be enthralled by her knowledge and passion. Not one to shy away from a conversation, Ameet can be reached at . For more about her and her work, visit [www.ameetkhabra.com](http://www.ameetkhabra.com). You can also join her journey and insights on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @adwordsgirl.

Stop using long-tail keywords in your ads.

Why You Need to Stop Using Long-Tail Keywords in Your Ads

Most marketers believe that using long-tail keywords is the most effective way to get traffic that converts without having to spend big, especially with Google Ads. In marketing, many people believe that using long-tail keywords generates high-conversion traffic, making it possible to even double a client’s profit by transforming simple keywords into long-tail keyword phrases …

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