Why bing ads is the best place to start your campaign?

Why is Bing Ads the Best Place to Start Your Campaign?

Why Bing Ads? ? Doesn’t everyone use other search engines more than Bing? Maybe you think nobody uses Bing, but you’re in for a surprise. 

Bing isn’t known for being a popular search engine site, but things are changing in the marketing world! Those who ignore Bing are missing out on an amazing marketing opportunity. Bing has great features for new and seasoned business owners!

As a new business owner, it can be overwhelming to try and choose where to start your advertising campaigns. There are so many platforms to choose from, and which ones will give you the best ROI?

Bing is the perfect place to start if you have a limited budget. With Bing Ads you can spend less on ads, have a lower cost per click and a higher click-through rate!

Now that’s appealing to anybody! ?

Bing Ads Don’t Have As Much Competition

The biggest advantage of using Bing Ads is the lack of competition! 

Less competition will actually keep your cost per click down, which is a huge benefit you should capitalize on! Especially as a new business creating ads for the first time. 

Another benefit of low competition is that with fewer people bidding for keywords, you have a greater chance to rank first for whatever you’re bidding on. This gives you a good advantage to getting seen in the search engine.

You’ll Reach New Audiences

It’s always great to reach new audiences that you can send to your website! Bing ads reach 133 million unique searchers ? That’s a lot of people! You can tap into that resource with Bing ads.

There is an older higher income demographic who can be reached using Bing ads. And they like to spend 34% more than other audiences. That’s encouraging and a good reason to try to reach them. Because 89% of Bing’s audience is 35 years or older, they may have a higher income level therefore they can buy products and services they love more frequently. 

Sounds like a great place to hang out!

Bing Ads Typically Have More Engagement

The stats don’t lie! ?

Users who click on Bing ads tend to engage more with the advertiser’s website and tend to convert at higher rates. You still have to make your content appealing. Make sure you keep your brand appealing to your customers and strive to provide great value to your audience.

Your potential customers might be using Bing daily instead of Google, Firefox, or Safari. There could be people searching exclusively on Bing for your products and services. That’s another reason to tap into Bing ads. 

Did you know that Bing makes the URL bold under the advertising headline on their search engine page? That’s neat! It’s a great way to help your URL stand out.

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Bing Is Easy To Use

There’s a lot of work that goes into setting up new ad campaigns. You have to run analytics and schedule ads and test and tweak continually. Bing makes all these things easier, so it doesn’t take up all your time ⏰ You’ll still have plenty of sunshine left in the day to do other fun things!

Bing has an easy way to keep track of your goals and it knows what your ROAs are. They have a tool called Universal Event Tracking. This tool gives you insights into metrics that show how well your ad campaigns are working. It checks the bounce rate, how long each visitor spent on each page, how many pages were looked at per visit and much more. 

Bing ads also have easy ad scheduling. You can schedule different ad groups to different time zones ? Bing also allows language, network, ad rotation and more to be adjusted for your different ad groups. 

Bing Ads Targeting By LinkedIn Audiences Is AMAZING!

You can use Bing ads to target audiences in LinkedIn. Yes, it’s amazing!

Right now you can target 3 audiences.

  • You can target employees of specific companies. Sounds great!
  • You can target specific industries.
  • You can target people who have a specific job function. 

Many people are actively looking for your solution to their problem. So using Bing ads to target LinkedIn ads, you can have these high-value audiences in your existing targeting metrics. 

This is really helpful for B2B businesses.

Bing Has Flexible Targeting And Keyword Features

With the rise of mobile users, it’s great to know that Bing includes device targeting ?in their options for you. You can actually target audiences based on the types of devices they use. 

There may be times you only want to target your audience who uses their mobile phone. And you want to skip out on targeting anyone on their desktop. Well, Bing gives you that option! You can opt-out of advertising to them. 

As for keywords, Bing gives you the option to choose whether or not you want to use close variant keyword matching. That includes keywords that are the same but plural, or they’re misspelled or any other grammatical variation in keywords. Those are all great options to have! ?

Bing ads have a lot of great options for small business owners. As with any ad campaigns, test your ads and see how they perform on Bing. Don’t let a smaller audience fool you either. Bing ads can really boost your traffic to your website and landing pages! Bing can be a valuable place to run ads for you. 

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