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How to Optimize Your Bottom of Funnel for PPC

May 12, 2020

It would be nice if optimizing the bottom of funnel marketing in PPC advertising was as easy as waiting for visitors to flow through your earlier conversion strategies, but the reality is that you need to actively prioritize specific changes to convert visitors to the bottom of the funnel stage. …

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Why You Need to Stop Using Long-Tail Keywords in Your Ads

May 7, 2020

Most marketers believe that using long-tail keywords is the most effective way to get traffic that converts without having to spend big, especially with Google Ads. In marketing, many people believe that using long-tail keywords generates high-conversion traffic, making it possible to even double a client’s profit by transforming simple …

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What is Google Ads Audience Targeting? (And How to Use It)

May 5, 2020

Google Ads audience targeting has focused on keywords for forever. It’s been an approach that has existed for such a long time because of how efficient it was to get your products in front of ideal audiences. You would research keywords, put them in a list, then create the ads …

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5 LinkedIn Targeting Secrets That Will Boost Your Ad Performance

April 30, 2020

LinkedIn targeting can be really efficient in making sure your campaigns reach the right audience at the right time. Read this post to find out how!

6 Things That Will Improve Your Mobile App Marketing

April 28, 2020

Hot off the press! Mobile app marketing is the route to take right now. Read this blog post to learn where to start and the best practices you should consider.

Why You Need to Keep Marketing During Uncertain Times

April 23, 2020

If there’s one piece of advice I had to give you, it’s keep marketing! In this blog post, I discuss why you should keep marketing through the pandemic and how.

What are Facebook Sequential Ads? (And How to Use Them)

April 21, 2020

Facebook sequential ads are an up and coming tool that allows advertisers to avoid ad fatigue. Read this post to learn who should use them and why!

Everything You Need to Know About Google Ad Manager

April 16, 2020

Google Ad Manager may seem really intimidating, but it’s actually quite simple to use! Read this post to find out more about the interface and its features.

How to Organize Your Adwords Campaign Structure

April 14, 2020

Chances are, your adwords campaign structure could use some reorganizing. This post covers the basics on making sure you have the best structure possible.

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