Want to Save Money on Ads? Avoid These Facebook Ad Mistakes!

You probably already know that Facebook Ads are a great way to get more customers and leads for your business. So you don’t want to make any Facebook ad mistakes. That would mean throwing away your money ?to Facebook and not getting ANY results. 

Results are what you’re after, whether they’re learning what your audience likes, leading your audience to your landing page, growing your Facebook page, or sending them to a blog post to read. You want your ads to work. You really do! 

Facebook is a great platform, but you may not want to build their business without building yours too!

Here’s some great advice to help you not make mistakes with your Facebook Ads.

Make Sure You Understand The Campaign Settings Before Creating Ads

Before you decide that Facebook ads don’t work, (because they really do work), find out the right way to set-up your settings. You may want to take a course so you can avoid making facebook ad mistakes in your settings. 

If you set the wrong settings, you’ll be wasting your money. And that is not any fun ? You want to be sure you’re putting in the right placement, right optimization and targeting in your ads.

There are several settings to choose, for example, you may choose ‘Brand Awareness’ but what you really wanted was to get more ‘Traffic’. 

Other choices are ‘Lead Generation’ and ‘Conversions’. But if you don’t understand what you’re looking for, then once again, you’re just throwing money to the wind, or Facebook ?

Automatic Placements

Do you know what happens if you opt out for Automatic Placements? Your ads will end up on Facebook and Instagram and across the Audience Network (sites off of Facebook). 

So don’t ever use Automatic Placements unless you really want to! 

Because if your Audience Placements are working and you’re reaching more people, in other words they’re successful, then Facebook automatically puts more of your ad spend into them and it eats up your money pretty fast. 


You’ll also have to understand how to make proper targeting decisions ?

They can’t be too wide or too narrow. Who do you want to target? If you get audiences that most likely won’t convert for you, you will be losing money again! Choose an audience who will see your ads and keep testing audiences until you find the best choice.

But it’s best to understand how the settings work first. 

You know that Facebook Ads do work, because bigger businesses wouldn’t be using them so much if they didn’t. They know how to use the settings and they do lots of testing too.

Don’t Run Too Many Facebook Ads!

Many businesses make the mistake of running too many Facebook ads on their account. 

They run too many campaigns, too many ad sets and too many ads. It can get so confusing! ? This could really cost a lot and not give you any good results. 

The best thing you can do to fix this problem is to combine some of your audiences. Combine your lookalike audiences into one audience for example. 

But don’t forget to test everything again with A/B testing. 

Avoid Testing Multiple Interests In A Single Facebook Ad Set

As a marketer you want to target the interests of your audience. But one of the facebook ad mistakes you want to avoid is researching and gathering tons of interests and using them all in the same ad set. You’ll never know what works the best and what might’ve delivered the amazing results you had for a few short days!

As you search new audiences and relevant interests, create a list of all the interests you found. Then group ? the interests into several categories. Create multiple ad sets targeting each set to only one single group of interests. 

By doing that, you’ll discover which audiences are best and most effective for your business. You’ll know how big each audience is too. 

Focus On Earnings Per Lead vs. Cost Per Lead

Earnings per lead vs cost per lead. Each one tells a different story. And you want to get your story right so you’re not losing money.

For example, if you focus on cost per lead and your ad is bringing several $100 sales at $4 cost per lead, some marketers may want to shut that ad off. They want to switch to a less profitable ad in order to pay only $2 cost per lead.

But if you look at the same scenario with earnings per lead, that’s 25x your investment. That is an awesome ROI! You don’t want to stop that ad now or ever if it keeps on working. 

So you can see the dilemma some marketers might have. Because the cost per lead looks high, they’re forgetting to consider the earnings per lead. And if they did they’d have much more money rolling in. 

Keep in mind that advertising is about getting customers not cheap clicks. Clicks, not tricks!! If you had a 3 cent cost per click but the conversions is ZERO then you are wasting your time and money.

Follow Up On Your Ads!

Have you ever heard of Facebook ad fatigue? ? I guess they get tired like the rest of us!

Anyhow, what it really means is if you leave your campaign running and running and running, without checking up on it, it will decrease in effectiveness over time.

Don’t make this mistake of not managing your campaigns. It seems like there’s a lot that goes into managing them. You have to analyze them on an ongoing basis. It’s a job – but somebody has to do it!

These are some of things to check and change and test.

  • Return on Ad Spend
  • Cost of ad spend
  • Relevance score
  • Frequency
  • CPM (cost per 1000 impressions)
  • Objective
  • Targeting

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that you should check the creative on your ad. You can change the elements on your image every week or so and test them to see which one is doing the best. You can also test different videos to see which ones bring in the best results. Plus you can change the copy on your ads and images. But don’t do two things at once. Either change the image ? or the copy. Then test them separately and find the best one. 

Images are fun to test. You can find out if your audience likes wild and bright colours or pictures, or maybe they love a more subdued look. When you scroll through Facebook which images catch your eye? Test those types of images and see how they work on your ads and audiences. 

Obviously, you can’t just create ads and run ? But many marketers do this. It takes some management to get the full potential from Facebook Ads. And remember, ads work, or the big guys wouldn’t be using them! Learn from them and avoid all these facebook ad mistakes!

Delve into running some Facebook Ads. But first you should do some learning because you don’t want to make costly Facebook ad mistakes. There’s so many things that could go wrong with an ad and if you don’t keep your eye on them, you’ll be losing a pile of money ? again. 

Always keep your eye on the strategy behind your ads. What is it you want your audience to do? Best practices for Facebook ads are constantly changing, no marketer is immune to making mistakes. If you make a few mistakes just correct them and move forward. Learn more about ads because Facebook ads can be very lucrative. 

Do you see any marketers make facebook ad mistakes?

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