What are Facebook sequential ads and how to use them?

What are Facebook Sequential Ads? (And How to Use Them)

Sequential advertising was first introduced in 2013, but advertisers failed to hop on this train, causing it to sit on the back burner for quite some time.

However, platforms are now beginning to incorporate ways for advertisers to reach the right audience with the perfect message, at exactly the right time, leading to the utilization of Sequencing. 

What is Sequential Advertising?

Sequential advertising is a method to show a targeted audience a series of ads with the end goal of following your consumers journey as they move between their devices. It differs from simply rotating ads, because it utilizes technology that establishes which ads your audience has already seen and automatically delivers one they haven’t.

So instead of your audience getting ad burnout because they’ve seen the same ad a million times, sequential advertising ensures that your consumer will see ad one, then ad two, then ad three, and so on even as they jump from their phone to their laptop.

When To Use Facebook Sequential Ads

The early bird gets the worm, amiright?

Sequential advertising provides advertisers the ability to tell a story with their ads, which helps establish a deeper connection with their audience. Even test campaigns can increase your product or brand awareness pretty significantly.

It’s also a useful tool for lesser-known brands that need to build brand awareness before trying to sell their service, as well as companies that have services or products that need a deeper explanation. 

Instead of information overload, you’re able to supply your audience with timed ads that pick up exactly where the other left off.

All too often, advertising is about sell, sell, sell and not enough about guiding your audience to the product on their own time. Pressure is high, and not many people respond to that well.

Sequencing is great for pairing blog posts and email campaigns with advertising, and providing your audience with messaging compatible with where they are in their consumers journey.

Why You Should Use Facebook Sequential Ads

Improved Conversion Rates

To better understand the process of Sequencing, here’s an example:

Your ad is divided into a three-part series, and each viewer has to pass through all three stages. After your audience is exposed to the first part, which simply explains the brand and their purpose, they’ll then be shown the second part. This ad touches on a relevant pain point your audience likely experiences. The third ad then shows them the “perfect” product to solve their problem (aka your product).

You Can Retarget Your Audience

Retargeting allows you to run ads in a sequence, but it also allows you to choose your audience’s behavior before showing the next ad. 

So maybe all you need is to make sure your audience sees the first ad before showing the second, but you want them to interact with the second ad in certain ways before showing the third – retargeting allows that. 

You’ll want to use retargeting when:

?You want to narrow down a broad audience to include only people who’ve engaged with your ad in the past.

?You want to target tna audience that’s engaged before and are most likely to follow through with converting to a consumer.

They Prevent Ad Fatigue

Oh, ad fatigue.

We’ve all been at the point where we feel like an ad is stalking us, haven’t we?

Sequencing works uniquely to prevent showing your audience the same ad over, and over, and over. 

Reaching Qualified Users

By showing your ad to those who have displayed interest in your ad, then it’s pretty confident that they are in a situation where they need whatever your advertising. 

This means higher conversion rates, and a higher number of buyers who will actually use your product (and buy again) once they finally become a consumer.

Increased Lifetime Value

Think of sequencing as a second chance to convince the ones who got away to give it another look. 

When you gain qualified customers, you increase consumer retention, as well as gain a higher lifetime value.

How To Get Started Using Facebook Sequential Advertising

It’s been slow going, but Facebook is finally rolling out access to sequential within reach and frequency campaigns. However, there isn’t much information about when this tool will become more readily available.

If you want to see if you have access, follow Facebook’s step-by-step instructions, and make sure you’ve reserved and uploaded your reach and frequency ad set (it’s not available unless you do this!)

Since Facebook and Instagram are linked, you’ll have access to sequencing on each platform. Your ads will also show on both platforms, but you won’t have access to which ads are delivered to which platform.

If you find that you don’t have access, you can try using a new feature through AdStage called the Flighting Feature, which gives all customers access to sequencing.

It also includes:

  • Funnel-based storytelling
  • Prime-and-remind storytelling
  • Progressive promotions (which allows you to advertise different percentages off each week)

Set Your Sequential Ads Up For Success

Sequential advertising is an advertisers dream come true. It narrows down the process, allows creativity when it comes to audience targeting and content creation, guides consumers down a natural funnel, and raises brand awareness and conversion rates.

You can also utilize videos, which deliver more upfront information, or carousels, which advertise multiple products before making the final push. 

For larger purchases, don’t move too quickly through the ad series before offering your CTA, but also be careful about moving too slowly through the series for smaller purchases.

And always print your campaign and lay it out accordingly to make sure it makes sense.

Advertising is finally working its way to establishing deeper bonds with consumers. With more platforms incorporating the ability to use sequential advertising, marketers are now able to dream bigger (and so are businesses!) ?

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