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Everything You Need to Know About Google Ad Manager

Online advertising is a relatively new (but awesome) world. When you advertise online, you have ample opportunities to bring in new business and reach otherwise unreachable audiences.

Advertising online allows you to improve customer interactions, track how the users find your products in real-times, have access to accurate reports of your ad results, and so much more!

Even better is the ability to create targeted ads for their ideal audiences. 

Think about it – when you advertise online, you can literally choose who sees your ads to an audience that is most likely to convert.

Can you say ‘cha-ching’? 

That’s why Google Ads is an unbelievably effective advertising program that helps you reach users online.

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What is the Google Ad Manager?

Google Ad Manager is an exchange platform that assists in the buying and selling of ads across numerous ad networks and locations. This includes both AdSense and AdExchange.

Originally launched in August of 2008, Google Ad Manager has come a looonnnggg way. The entire digital advertising line was rebranded in 2018, and now consists of a variety of distribution channels, like mobile, desktop, smart TVs, and video.

Google Ad Manager was created with the purpose to be a tool utilized by advertisers and publishers to build an efficient ad serving process that allows brands to deliver and manage their ads from one convenient location.

Google Ads isn’t just for big businesses and corporations! 

Small businesses can also benefit majorly from this tool.

Small Businesses Can Use Google Ads

For small to medium small business, Google Ad Manager offers a free version that allows 150 million impressions per month on non-video ad units.

In the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, the monthly impressions allowed decreases to 90 million, but goes up to 200 million for other countries mostly in eastern Europe and Arab countries.

You’ll also have access to a wide range of features, like access to the API and a number of reports in active view impressions, historical, standard or vast delivery, and reach.

Google Ad Manager Will Protect Your Brand

With over 30 controls to safeguard your brand and ads, Google Ad Manager works to keep your work protected.

Brand safety and ad fraud are very real concerns in the digital advertising market, and these concerns not only affect user experiences, but also advertisers. 

The controls featured to protect against these concerns make sure to meet your brand’s value. The tools currently in place have protected over 3.2 billion harmful ads from reaching users.

Neat Features

Google Ad Manager delivers when it comes to features that improve your online advertising experience.

Depending on your business type, like if you’re selling a product or ad space, you’ll find different features useful in expanding your customers and product sales. 

Here’s a list of the features with Google Ad Manager.

Simple Setup

Like all other things Google, the Ad Manager interface is relatively simple and easily navigable.

You’ll find the features in the left sidebar, and you’ll also be offered guidance as you look through the platform.

Your data is displayed in readable graphics, with the option to click to learn specifics on your data.

Responsive Search Ads

When you work with pay-per-click advertising, you know that you need the most clicks possible in order to generate the most revenue. Google understands this too, which is why they designed Responsive Search Ads.

This tool was created with one goal in mind: to help you create effective ads that speak to your ideal customers and gets them to follow the link. 

All you need to do is provide fifteen headlines and four description lines, then sit back and let Google do what it does best.

Once that is done, Google analyzes which ad did best for the search query, and then generates the best ad for that circumstance. This means lowering your cost-per-click AND increasing your click-through-rate!

Wondering how Responsive Search Ads compare to standard ads? Most companies see an 15 percent increase in clicks when utilizing Responsive Search Ads.

Supports Teams

This is great for those with employees in other states/countries. 

For example, let’s say you have a French site. You’ll be able to give your French team access to the advertisers and units that apply to that site.

Google Ad Manager retains each document and records them safely, making it easier for large companies to stay organized and track, audit, and create reports for each branch.

Smart Bidding Technology 

Did you know video ads can improve your conversion rate by about 85 percent?

Utilizing Smart Bidding Technology with video ads through YouTube makes sure your ads are shown to the right audience and just the right time.

YouTube has over one billion active users, and many consumers reference YouTube at some point in their buying journey.

That fact alone should be enough to convince you to advertise on YouTube.

Smart Bidding delivers your ads to an audience who is more likely to pursue your brand after watching a video ad, as well as automatically adjust bids so you can see maximum results.

Ad Testing Environment

If you’re still new to Ad Manager or are curious how a specific campaign will look, this is the feature for you!

To encourage successful launches, Google Ad Manager incorporated a testing environment. This helps you learn how to set up advertisers, generate test data, and test objects.

Throughout your testing environment, Google will provide various recommendations that help you get through the process.

Local Campaigns

No matter how far online storefronts come, people still love to shop in person.

Google even released that over the past two years, searches including the term “near me” have increased over 500 percent.

More so, local searches have a conversion rate of 80 percent!

This is because when people are searching for “near me”, they’re either already in the area or are about to be. Whether it’s because they need a product or something to do, the results are similar.

The local campaigns feature with Google Ad Manager offers the ability to tailor a campaign specifically to drive store visits. All you need to do is provide basic information, like your business location, and let Google do the rest!

Detailed Reporting Tools

When you own a business, large or small, data is everything.

When you get the right data and understand it, you’ll also have the ability to create ads that drive revenue.

Google Ad Manager provides all kinds of data and report types, as well as templates that make creating reports easier than ever.

When you first experience Google Ad Manager, it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed! There’s an entirely new world of data and features left to utilize, and you have no clue where to start.

Once you catch on and start to get the hang of it, though, you’ll wonder what took you so long to start!

And if you just can’t seem to grasp the concept of Google Ads Manager, don’t be afraid to reach out to me! I’d be more than happy to help!

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