Why Are My Google Ads Not Showing Up?

What do you do when you have Google ads not showing up?

Do you start to panic? And all you want to do is start pacing and pulling out your hair? 

You worked hours on creating your beautiful campaign. The visuals are perfect. Your copy is perfect. Your keywords are perfect. What could possibly go wrong? Do you start to wonder where is everybody?


You checked and found that you have no clicks, no ad spend, no impressions, no nothing!

I have some good news for you. No need to worry ? Instead of panicking, check out these reasons why you’re struggling with Google ads not showing up. 

1. Google Might Have Disapproved Your Ads

Sad but true.

Your ad has to comply with Google’s ad text policy. You may have thought you got it right the first time, but it’s best to check out all the details Google Ads Help Guide gives to get you that approval status.

If you’ve never checked to see if your ad was approved, it’s simple to do.

  1. Go to the Ads tab for your campaign.
  2. Check the “Status” column.
  3. The Status column will let you know if your ad is Approved, Disproved, or Approved (limited).
  4. If not Approved, click on the small question mark ❓ to get more details on the ad’s status.

2. Your Billing Might Not Be Up To Date

Expired billing details! Just a minor slip up. 

Maybe you got so busy in your business you’ve overlooked updating your billing details. This actually is a very common reason why your google ads are not showing up. 

If you forgot to let up email notifications for this problem, then go ahead and check the billing section manually.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the gear symbol in the top right of AdWords interface.
  2. Choose Billing.
  3. On the Billing Options page, check your billing details.
  4. Are they up to date?
  5. Are they correct?

So, you have 3 options to check your billing ? details.

  • Set up email notifications.
  • Get a second backup to get notified.
  • Or check it manually as often as you like!

3. You Might Have Low Search Volume

So, you thought your keywords were perfect. But you might have to dig a little deeper.

If you check and your keywords are marked “Limited Approval” due to “Low Search Volume,” it doesn’t mean Google doesn’t like the keywords you chose. It means nobody is using those keywords in their searches ?

Here are a few reasons you might have a low search volume:

  • Your keywords aren’t relevant to the majority of your customers’ searches.
  • Your keywords are too specific.
  • Your keywords are seasonal (and you’re bidding in the wrong season!)
  • Your match types are too restrictive.
  • Your bidding on branded terms.

You can change a few things, like choosing some broader keywords. Or if you have an exact match keyword, try making it phrase or broad. This might change the keyword status.

4. You Might Have Accidentally Paused Something

Yes, that could be embarrassing! ? You may have forgotten that you paused something! 

It’s quite common to pause a campaign that had a low performance for a certain amount of time. If you paused a campaign or two for that reason, you might want to go in and start them up again. It’s worth giving them a second chance and test them out again. 

Or another common thing that happens, is the set start and end date for a campaign may have finished.

Whatever the reason may be, you can change it. Like Marie Forleo says, “everything is figureoutable!” 

Just go to “Change History.” 

Figure out which campaigns were paused and simply make them active once again.

5. Your IP Address Might Be Blocked

Did you know that if you search for products or services related to your business, it will trigger your ads and you’ll get unwanted impressions? They’re unwanted because they come from you!

When you set up your campaigns, your IP address might have been blocked so that your own searches don’t interfere with the important data you want to collect.

So, on the one hand, you don’t want impressions made by you, but on the other hand, you want to see your ads. 

But you’ve been blocked from seeing your own ads! ✋

You can check this and see if that’s what happened. It’s easy peasy!

  • Make sure you know your IP address.
  • Go to your campaign settings.
  • Check to see if it’s listed in the IP exclusions section.
  • Remove and save if you want your ads to show for yourself.

6. Negative Keywords Can Affect Your Ads

Negative keywords are a good thing. Most of the time! 

You want to choose your negative keywords carefully. If you use too many negative keywords, your campaign may not reach all your potential customers. 

There may be times that your chosen negative keyword may be a broad match or phrase match term that matches part of your target keyword. 

Google offers lots of help with this problem. Plus you can use the Google Ads’ Keyword Diagnosis Tool. This tool will give you all the information you need about any problems that come up with keywords.

7. Your Ad Groups Might Not Be Organized

Here’s how this works.

In your Google Ads account, you have ad groups. Those ad groups contain two things — keywords and ads.

  • Someone searches and triggers one of your keywords.
  • Then you’re entered into the ad auction.
  • That user selects one of your ads connected to that keyword. Yay!

Relevant ads rank higher in Google searches. That means its relevant to the people who search for the keywords you use. If it is super relevant, then your ad will perform really well ?

So, why are your google ads not showing up? Because you may have built your ad groups with keywords that aren’t related to one another. Check those keywords again!

8. Your Targeting Might Be Off

One way you can target your ads is by location. Here are some reasons your google ads are not showing up when it comes to location.

  • Your targeting could be too narrow. You can make adjustments on what area you want to target, but make sure it’s not as narrow as a few city blocks.
  • Check to see if you set your targeting to where your ideal customers are NOT searching!
  • Make sure you’ve set your ads locations to ‘Added’ and not ‘Excluded’. 
  • You might have to make a bid adjustment to boost Ad Rank for your targeted locations.

Are You Scheduling Your Ads At The Right Times?

Make sure your scheduling is not too constricted. Check and make sure your ads aren’t set to show up only one hour a day. That is just not enough time for people to land on your ads.

You may need to do some research to find out when your target audience is doing some Google searching the most. Because you can be setting ads for days when they’re not searching at all for your types of products or services. 

You can also target your ads using other demographics like age, gender and devices used. 

Also, remember that the schedule you set is based on your time zone ⏰

9. Your Click-Through Rate Is Too Low

Google ads not showing up can be because your ads are not being clicked on very often which determines your click-through rate.

This is a sure sign that your ads are not very appealing to your target audience. 

What makes an ad appealing?

Mostly your content. Google will show your ads if they resonate with users. Write ads that grab your audience’s attention. They have to show value and give them a hint of an answer to what they’re searching for. 

Once you grab their attention, they will be compelled to click-through causing your CTR to go up ?

Follow those awesome 9 points when you have Google ads not showing up. Go through each one step by step and make your adjustments. Google ads can help you propel your business, so be sure that those ads are being seen by your target audience. And mostly, don’t get discouraged when they’re not. You know how to fix that now!!

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