Google AdWords: Seasonality Adjustments with Smart Bidding

Google AdWords: Seasonality Adjustments with Smart Bidding

Google Ads already has some really effective Smart Bidding strategies such as Target ROAS and Target CPA that help you improve the performance of your ad campaigns. Both of these strategies use machine learning to analyze a number of factors and then automatically set bids at auction time so that your ad performs at its best. While these strategies may provide a certain level of cushion to adjust for seasonal variations, they are unable to handle larger variations that occur at certain events, such as peak sales time, or product launches, etc.

Google AdWords: Seasonality Adjustments with Smart Bidding

To handle such variations which occur rarely but can mess up your ad performance, you can now use the Seasonality Adjustments for Search and Display Campaigns. Considering the holiday season is just around the corner, it is really essential that you understand and implement this feature in your campaigns so that they stand firm against the winters and you do not lose out on sales (no one wants a grinch for Christmas).

For instance, if you’re planning for the upcoming holiday season, and historically you have seen a 50% increase in conversion rates during the season, the Seasonality Adjustments feature will analyze this historical data and then make the relevant changes. Hold on, it gets better. Then, it will apply a predicted conversion rate adjustment and Smart Bidding will consider this adjustment for the date range selected while trying to hit your Target CPA. This way you will not only save your ad budget from getting overspent but also get the most out of your campaigns while you’re at it. Pretty cool, right? Now with your worries out of the way, you can focus on the more festive things for the holidays… like eggnog and presents!!

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