How Does Google Search Advertising Know Who to Send Ads To?

Have you noticed how certain ads follow you around all over the web no matter where you are? Especially if you’re using the Chrome browser? At its core, Google is an advertising company. And because of that, it collects data a LOT. And although it may seem creepy sometimes, this is actually a good thing, because it allows for Google search advertising to show you the ads for things you’re likely to be interested in.

The cost of advertising has gone up considerably since Google Ads began over 18 years ago.

In the early days, you could pay $0.01 per click. Now you’re lucky if you only pay 10x that amount.

Unfortunately, new stores to the platform don’t have as much of an edge as businesses who have used Google Ads for years and learned what works and what doesn’t. One thing you’ll have to know is what keywords to use and if they are relevant to your target audience. 

Since Google became a public traded company in 2004, they have to try and keep its stock price as high as possible. This means they have to do new and better things to keep it high — stuff like collecting more and more data about their users. 

Collecting that data means the more they know about you, the better they can show advertisers qualified people who will click on their ads. These advertisers are willing to pay a premium price for Google to do this. 

Here are a few ways Google gets the necessary information about people on the internet which allows them to charge those high advertising rates.

You Tell Google What It Wants to Know

Google probably knows your age and gender, email address, phone number, country, IP address and more. How? Because you gave them all of this information when you sign up for a Google account ?

They don’t hide that they are collecting your information. You can go to  www.google.com/ads/preferences and they’ll tell you how they are personalizing your ads.

They don’t sell your information, but they do sell ads that are targeted based on your information.

Is that okay?? ?You can decide and shut targeted ads off if you want! 

Google Gets Your Info From Advertisers

Another way that Google knows who to send ads to is when you go to your favourite store and give them your email address. That store could be giving your information to Google in order for Google to target that store’s ads more effectively ?

The same can happen for any online shopping you do at a website. They may be giving Google that information for better ad targeting as well. 

Google can get this information from your search history

What do you love to watch on YouTube? Google knows! ?

Google knows what you’ve searched on YouTube and what you love to watch. If you’re searching on Google, they’re also categorizing you based on the searches you’ve made. Google knows what topics you’re most interested in, too! 

If you use Google Maps — guess what? They know where you’ve travelled. (But also — a kinda cool thing is you can look at a map at Google’s Location History page and see all the places you’ve been.) 

Google also stores all the voice actions you request. If you want to see your history for voice requests, go to the Google Web and Activity Page.       

The good news is that Google doesn’t keep anything a secret from you. If you want to know what information Google is keeping or how to limit what Google keeps, you can find out. Just Google it!! ?

How many Google services do you use online? Their services are almost unavoidable. And because of that, they could be collecting data from everything you do online.

Google search advertising is targeted to the information they collect. You don’t have to be afraid of Google collecting your data. They promise not to give out any of your information to advertisers. They only use it to target ads you may be interested in. 

If you do limit their data collection about you, you won’t see the ads of your favourite places or be able to find interesting new things you might love. Google does say that your data is collected to make their services work better for you. Which is true!

So go ahead and Google everything you want to know about Google! ?

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