How to Get Your Business Holiday Ready

Marketing increases greatly during the holiday season so if you want to increase your sales and conversions, you should get your business holiday ready. Be prepared for the greater influx of users and customers clicking on your ads.

Here are a few strategies to keep in mind as the holiday approaches for marketers.

Add a Backup Credit Card

What a holiday nightmare ?

You check your ads in the morning and see they’ve been closed. But why? Because your credit card didn’t work and you couldn’t pay for the ads. 

Always get your pay-per-click accounts holiday-ready with a backup credit card ready to go if the first one fails. After all, with the holidays, your card is going to get a lot of use. And it’s better to be prepared than wake up seeing that nightmare!

Just think of how much money you’ll lose if your ads shut off for even just a few hours ?

Create Holiday Landing Pages 

You want high-quality landing pages all year round but during the holiday season, you can make them even more special. 

One thing you can do is get your website holiday-ready by making your landing pages more festive ? If you want to change your theme for your website to a more fun and seasonal one, now would be a good time to do that. (How adorable is this snowflake plugin?! ❄️)

Be sure your promotions are standing out on your landing pages this holiday season. If your ad tells your customers you’re having a “50% off sale,” they should find that same promotion above the fold on your landing page as soon as they click on the ad. 

Review your landing pages and make sure they have all the elements and best practices for driving conversions. An important one is optimizing them for mobile. You want to make sure your landing pages load fast on mobile. If they load slow, people leave fast. 

Automate Your PPC Advertising

Get your business holiday-ready by automating your PPC ads. Automation technology is how you can increase your sales and visibility. It’s pretty much impossible to manage paid ad campaigns manually. 

There are several benefits to using PPC automation. One is that they free up your marketing manager’s time. They can then focus on other strategies and processes in the business.

Another benefit is that PPC automation can manage bidding for you with greater accuracy and profitability. Managing bids manually is extremely time-consuming. So it only makes sense to use automation. ?

You can use automation to optimize your ad copy based on your website copy and data feeds. This is so much easier especially for large accounts with a huge number of ad groups.

Collecting the data you need is also so much faster and easier with automation. Get the data when you need it and then make your strategic decisions based on that data. 

Adjust Your Bids

Using automated bidding will adjust your bids based on the likelihood a search will convert.

Both ROAS and maximum conversion value bidding are available this season. Test your automated bidding to see how they improve the performance of your campaigns ?

If you use ROAS bidding already, you may want to adjust targets to allow campaigns to bid more aggressively. This helps when there’s a spike in traffic or conversions during a major sales period like the upcoming holidays ? You can even automate this process by adding a seasonality adjustment to your search campaigns. These adjustments let your bid strategies know to expect a change in conversion rate when there is a busy high sales period and bid accordingly. Then it reverts back to pre-sales behaviour. 

Monitor Your Budget

Here is another amazing statistic. Impressions increase as much as 350% during the holiday season.

This is a huge increased demand for a marketer. You’ll most likely need to increase your budget ? to keep up with more keyword auctions. The CPCs tend to increase because most businesses have designated higher seasonal budgets. And this increases competition.

Conversion rates and sales also increase during the holidays. If you want to stay on the first page of Google, you should increase your budget, but not to the extent you face losses. 

Get your business holiday-ready by using these tips with your advertising campaigns. Be prepared for a boost in sales and traffic to your site. 

Is your business ready for the holiday rush?

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