3 Simple Tips to Increase Holiday Sales This Year

This is an exciting time for marketers. Online marketing and holiday sales continue to soar! Holiday sales ?? are predicted to reach $138 billion in the US. 

Woah! That is amazing! 

Take advantage of those predictions. If you’re ready to make more holiday sales this year, follow these 3 simple steps. 

1. Promote discounts

People love ?discounts and deals. They’re expecting them during the holiday season. They are looking for promos and deals for anything you can offer them. It’s all part of the hustle and bustle for the holidays.

You may be using ads to promote your discounts and holiday sales. But remember to keep them from being mismatched with your website content about your products. If your customer clicks on an ad to go to your site and doesn’t find whatever your ad told them would be there, they will leave and will be a little bit ticked about it all too! You just wasted their time.

To prevent a disconnect, use the same images or videos and prices people saw on the ad. Make sure it all aligns perfectly with your website. 

If you make price changes throughout the season for your products, don’t forget to change them on your website too. People will bounce off your page faster than lightning ⚡️if they see an ad for a 40% discount and your web page says 20%. They’ll be gone forever!

I know it’s a busy time of year, but this is so important. Some people just miss this step. Not only that, you’ve just wasted ad spend on that click.

2. Use high-quality images and video 

The higher the quality of your images and video for your holiday sales this year, the more sales you will have. It’s so crucial because your customers can’t feel, touch or try out your products. This, of course, doesn’t apply to digital products.

You want your customers to see great images and be able to zoom in for a closer look if they so desire. Seeing the details of your product can make or break the sale. 

If you don’t have quality images or videos, your customer might look elsewhere to get a better look at your product and find another site with a better deal. You will not be a happy camper! ? Don’t let this happen. Be prepared with quality images.

Most of all, avoid stock imagery of your product. Create your own holiday ? images and keep them consistent with your ad and website.

Do you have products that you can use a video and give instructions on how to use them? Demonstrate your product in action. And the results of using it if you can.

Your customers will be intrigued. They want to learn everything they can about your product, so make it easy for them. You will gain long term loyal customers if your instructions on that video caused them to make a purchase. They will end up loving ??? your products forever.

Communicate with your customers

If you only have a sale once a year during the holiday season, you need to tell your customers. Remind them of this once a year sale ? This creates a sense of urgency which is a good holiday sales strategy.  

3. Keep the check-out experience simple!

You don’t want any confusion on the check-out page during holiday sales ?

Keep it simple and avoid all distractions. If there’s a coupon code, make it easy for them to use it. Don’t flash something on the check-out page for them to go searching for it. 

You want your customers to complete their transactions and not run for the hills if they have to do too much searching on the check-out page. 

Also, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your cart expiration date. If they lose those items they already put in the cart, do you think they’ll want to go search for them all over again?

Keep their items in their cart until they’re ready to make the final purchase. Then everyone goes home happy ?

Another thing to remember is to not make your customers create an account and login first. Give them what they came for instantly. People want simplicity. The easier and faster, the better. 

Start to think about how you can implement these 3 simple tips and increase your holiday sales this year. But there’s nothing stopping you from using these tips all year long. They create a good customer experience which will lead to increased sales and make you a memorable brand. Good to have all year round! ?

Which strategy are you going to try this holiday season?

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