How to Use Facebook for Marketing

Right now, approximately 68% of those living in the United States use Facebook. Of those who use Facebook, almost 75% of them will check the website at least once per day, which is far higher than other social media websites. For businesses, this is a lot of potential customers that can be reached quickly and easily. However, the business owner will need to make sure they are set up to start using Facebook for marketing and will want to know how to market their business on Facebook for the biggest impact. It will take some time to get everything set up, so the best time to start working on this is right now. 

Create a Facebook Business Page

The first step, if the business hasn’t done it already, is to create a business page. They will need to make sure they have their logo as well as other information on hand as they’ll be able to customize the page when they create it. They will need to include information like the address, website URL, contact information, and business hours. They should also add a profile with information about the business as well as photos of the business, the staff, and the products or services. This content can be edited later, but make sure as much as possible is filled in from the beginning so it’s ready when the page goes live. 

Create Content to Share on the Page

The business owner is going to need to make sure they have content they can share on the page to help attract customers. It’s a good idea to create some content ahead of time so it can be posted regularly while the business attracts more viewers. Content that can be used for Facebook marketing includes photos, articles, infographics, videos, and more. Business owners can also link to their own blog posts to share them through the social media site in an attempt to reach more viewers. 

Start Promoting the Page Online

In the beginning, the page won’t have many followers. One way to get more followers is by promoting it. The business page can be promoted on Facebook as well as through other platforms. Business owners may consider Instagram Ads, links to the Facebook page on their website, and other ways to get the word out that the business now has a new Facebook page. If they have an email list for their customers, they might want to send out an email announcing the new Facebook page to get current and prospective customers to check it out. 

Use Facebook and Other Videos to Attract Views

Many businesses will create videos to post on YouTube and have a link to their videos from their Facebook page. Another way to attract more views, however, is to use Facebook live. Businesses can create live videos directly on Facebook. When a customer likes the video or comments on it, they can respond to the viewer in real-time. Other examples of ways videos can be used can include 360-degree videos, which is a fantastic option for showcasing new products that might be available. 

Take Advantage of Facebook Analytics to Learn More

As the page gets up and going, it’s important to keep an eye on how effective it is as well as learn more about the customers on Facebook and what might help attract more customers. This is where Facebook analytics can help. They offer analytics so businesses can see who is visiting the website, where they came from before visiting the website, and what they might be looking for. This can help the business owner fine-tune their Facebook page to encourage more people to check it out and help them understand where to focus their marketing efforts. 

Figure Out the Best Time to Post on Facebook

One of the things they can learn through the analytics is when the best time to publish content will be. For most businesses, the best time is in the mid-afternoon on weekdays. However, it may be different for some companies, so it’s a good idea to look into when people are more likely to visit the page or check out the content shared on the page. This allows the business owner to start automating their posts so any content that needs to be posted on Facebook can be automatically posted at the right time. This can help boost the number of people who notice the content, can help encourage conversations about the content and can help the business owner make sure as many people as possible are checking out the content and learning more about the business. 

Start Using Facebook for Lead Generation

Once the Facebook page is created and customers are starting to view it, the business can start using it for lead generation. It’s not enough to simply make sure people know about the business. Instead, business owners will want to use the page to encourage purchases. When a business owner works with an Edmonton Social Media company, they can adjust their Facebook page to encourage more people to visit their website or to contact them about the products and services they offer. The right content and information on the Facebook page can help boost sales and help bring in a lot more leads for the business. 

If you aren’t using Facebook for your business, now is the time to start. It is likely that most of your customers already use Facebook and other social media platforms to connect with friends and with other businesses they might be interested in. When you create a page on Facebook, you can use it to market your business further, find the customers that may be looking for the products or services you offer and create engagement with your company that will inspire more sales. Use the tips here to start creating a Facebook page for your business and to make sure you have everything set up to attract as many potential customers as possible for your business.

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