The importance of continuing marketing efforts during uncertain times.

Why You Need to Keep Marketing During Uncertain Times

Right now we are all facing uncertain times.

I mean, the world has essentially shut down and no one really knows what to expect next.

As a result, businesses have had to close their doors and majorly rethink their business strategy.

It might feel like the only thing left to do is throw up your white flag, but this is exactly the opposite of what you should do!

In this article, we’re going to explore why businesses should find opportunity in these trying times and increase their marketing efforts.

Your Company Will Be Invisible Unless You Keep Marketing

Nowadays, everyone loves the internet. The average American gets about 10 hours of screen time a day. 

That’s why every business needs an online “home”.

More than ever, consumers are more likely to research companies, so when you receed from marketing, your business is going to feel that impact. Now is not the time to go invisible!

Plus, what does that say to your customers? That anytime something difficult to manage comes your way, you’re going to run away and hide? Who wants to buy from a company like that?

Your consumers want stability and to know you’re going to stick around, regardless of what comes your way. When you prove your brand’s ability to thrive in difficult times, your consumers are going to be more than happy to invest their time, energy, and money into you!

Being Online Is Vital Right Now

I’m going to be completely honest right now – COVID 19 is probably going to cause your profits to decline.

You need to sit down and evaluate where you are now, as well as what you expect in the upcoming weeks, months, and years. Often, when a recession hits and businesses see their profits slow, they look to cut costs wherever they can. And what’s the first thing to be cut?

?Marketing ?

It’s expected for businesses to see their marketing as the weakest link and cut ties quickly. It’s a decision many businesses have made in the past, and one you can expect your competitors to make as well.

The thing is, when businesses do away with their digital marketing, they lose visibility. When you lose visibility, what happens?

You lose customers. ?

When you look at your initial profit losses, look at the potential areas a recession could save you money. Since most places are under quarantine or shelter in place, this means no traveling or office fees. Try moving money that’s been set aside for those things and redirect it towards marketing.

Being online is of absolute essence (and it has been for awhile).

Don’t miss out on new customers and retaining old customers because you cut your marketing budget.

Search Engine Optimization Will Benefit You Years Later

Stop thinking short term.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that pays off over time. 

By using this time to improve your SEO, you’re in turn building your online presence.

This doesn’t mean you should stop utilizing PPC (unless you just don’t have a budget for it). Many businesses – aka competition – have stopped PPC altogether, which leaves you with ample opportunity to restrategize ways PPC can build your brand awareness.

Also, based on what kind of industry you’re in, keyword bids have decreased. Take advantage of this!

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How to Handle Social Media Marketing

Social media is the place to be right now!

I’d argue that maintaining a consistent social media presence throughout this time is just as important as the effort you put into marketing.

This is the best way to open the lines of communication with your customers, whether that’s through email campaigns or social media, show togetherness and kindness, and make a lasting impression.

Take a minute to check your inbox. What do you see?

Companies that are reaching out with compassion, empathy, and loyalty are making a positive impression, and building brand loyalty meanwhile.

You may have experienced a decrease in your conversion rates, but that’s to be expected. As a result, Facebook and Instagram’s cost-per-impressions will also decrease. Take advantage of this!

Here are a few steps you can take, according to Facebook’s Small Business Research Hub, that will help stay in your consumers front of mind and help your business thrive:

  • Stay safe and informed
  • Reach out to your customers.
  • Host online events
  • Create a list of FAQs
  • Develop a customer service plan

Don’t Be Afraid To Pivot

Now, more than ever, the online world is filled with political and cultural debates and issues that you need to either avoid or embrace. Social media has quickly become a platform for activists and advocates to speak their truth.

As a result, new circumstances may present themselves on your own brands platform in the form of political or cultural debates.

You need to be ready to respond as soon as possible (which means having a strategy ready to go).

Your brand can be made or broke all within a five minute conversation. How you handle your reaction when marketing takes an unintended route can build brand authenticity and loyalty…or it can squash it completely.

You might be overwhelmed by the amount of complaints that flow in, but when you’re ready to pivot and fix whatever is wrong, your consumers are more likely to offer forgiveness. You need to make sure your response is transparent and correct the problem immediately in order to change the conversation.

Your Business Can Survive These Uncertain Times

Most importantly – your business can and will survive this.

Sure, it may feel a bit like when David had to take down Goliath but guess what – 

He won! ?

And you will tackle this too, one stone throw at a time.

Companies have overcome trials like this time and time again (think Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Wells Fargo).

You just need to remember that in today’s day and age, being online is vital to your businesses success. Hiding and reducing visibility is now (and most likely never will be) the right thing to do.

So, keep keepin’ on and I’ll see you on the other side! ?

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