Learn how to use LinkedIn video ads to boost your business on the professional social media platform.

How to Use LinkedIn Video Ads to Boost Your Business

In 2021, it’s projected that 82% of internet traffic will be driven by video. In fact, over 17.2% of ad budgets will be dedicated to video marketing. That’s a huge portion of video traffic those ads will take up! Linkedin video ads are a great way to start getting into videos. 

It’s projected that video ad spend is going to grow from $19.81 billion to $22.18 billion.

That’s a 2.37 billion dollar growth! ?

How does this affect the marketing world?

Video has been a pretty predominant aspect of the consumer world. Now, B2B marketing is looking to join the trend.

LinkedIn began as a simple business network site and since grown to be the go-to site for professional marketing. And now they’re ready to incorporate video into the network. ?

In August, LinkedIn successfully launched member video, and now they’ve included two ad offerings: video for Sponsored Content and Company Pages.

These two ad products recently became available to all brands. If you’re a brand or business that’s considering using LinkedIn video ads, here are a few reasons you definitely should and how you can use this new tool to your advantage!


Video Ads Are Built For Account-Based Marketing

The awesome thing about these video ads is the ability for marketers to target specific businesses. You can choose your audience based on job title, company names, the industry, skills, seniority, and so much more!

Need to save time? Marketers who run account-based marketing campaigns can simply upload a CSV file with a list of their target companies, and LinkedIn will match those company pages and reach mass audiences.


When Done Correctly, LinkedIn Video Ads Build Trust

In the past, ad and display campaigns haven’t always been “brand safe”. There have been a couple of instances in the past where big brands had to pull ads and display advertising because of a brand safety failure – think kid-targeted ads next to violent content. ❌

Brand safety is still a relatively new metric for performance marketers. However, LinkedIn’s environment for branded campaigns set them apart – especially for marketers who prioritize transparency and quality content. 

Make Sure You Create Video Content Based On Your Goals

This one can seem pretty obvious, but it still needed to be said. ?

Based on your campaign goals, you’ll need different marketing content. Once you’ve identified those goals, you’ll be able to create a video that will drive your audience to convert.

For Brand Awareness 

If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, try sharing your brand’s mission. Try to keep these videos short, anywhere from 5-30 seconds, so you can pique your viewer’s interest and leave them wanting more.

A study in 2018 found that videos under 30 seconds lead to a 200% lift in view completion rates.

For Brand Consideration 

These videos can be a little longer, around 30-60 seconds. You’ll want to show customer successes through interviews and testimonials. Include more information about your brand and products.

For Demand Generation 

If you’re ready for viewers to make some actions off your video, try showing a product demo or sneak peek. Since the viewers who watch all of these videos are more likely to convert to customers, your video can be considerably longer (a minute or more) and be more comprehensive about your products and brands.

Brand and Performance Marketing

Sponsored Content can be utilized to its fullest potential to capture the attention of your viewers through brand awareness, keep their attention while you drive relevant traffic to your website, and then finish the deal by converting “warm” leads through Lead Gen Forms.

Pixability’s CEO, Bettina Hein, purpose-driven video ads often achieve “the difficult task of authenticity” through brands aligning with causes they believe in. Using LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content tool on the Company or Showcase pages is the perfect way to promote that authenticity to potential customers.


Use Storytelling in Your Video Ads

What’s the perfect way to generate relatable content that captures your viewer’s attention?

Tell a story. ?

Regardless of the objective of the campaign, you can speak directly to your viewer and showcase a message that resonates with your viewer. 

Using video to tell your story also automatically makes your content more human and personal while still maintaining a professional image.

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Use A/B Split Testing to See What Works Best

A/B testing is where you create two different versions of the same ads and release them simultaneously. This helps determine which ad works best with your audience, which in turn helps refine future campaigns so you can gain the maximum results. ?

You’ll want to test different options in these areas:

  • Type of content
  • Length of video
  • Audio and subtitles
  • Description copy
  • Title
  • Post-click landing pages

It might surprise you how small tweaks and make or break your campaign. Just ensure you’re testing one thing at a time, or else you won’t be able to tell what factor is the cause for the change in performance (good or bad!).


Keep Track Of Data to Prove ROI

LinkedIn provides extensive data to help you measure your video campaign’s success.

You’ll be able to collect data on:

  • How many clicks from video to the website.
  • Type of audience viewing your campaign.
  • Type of audience that engages with the campaign.
  • Post-click conversions
  • View-through conversions

Collecting this data is an important aspect of your campaign so you can see the quality of your success (or failure) and adjust accordingly.

LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content tool is great news for B2B marketers! Have you used this tool yet? Let me know how you like it below! ?

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