Why do I need to pay my PPC agency monthly?

Why Do I Need to Pay My PPC Agency Every Month?

What if I told you that a PPC agency can be just as valuable as your SEO strategy??

We’ve all had the importance of search engine optimization hammered into our heads, but the thing about SEO is that it takes time

It’s a long, long process without guaranteed outcomes – and maybe you need results now.

While implementing an SEO strategy is absolutely important for your company, it’s not something that provides short-term results. 

? But PPC is!

Now that I have your attention, I want to emphasize that PPC isn’t exactly something that can be DIYed. 

There are agencies and experts for a reason!

Here are a few reasons hiring a PPC agency is a worthwhile investment for your business. ?

PPC Isn’t Something You Can Learn Overnight

Google AdWords is the opposite of it’s Google brothers, sisters, and cousins – meaning that while other Google products are relatively easy to learn, AdWords has a learning curve to the platform.

If you do get curious and decide to delve into the world of AdWords, you’ll see phrases like “keyword match types” and “bid adjustments,” as well as see links for location extensions and site links. 


These tools within the platform can help your business grow exponentially…if you know how to use them.

The best PPC experts learn the tools of AdWords like the back of their hands. 

After passing the Fundamentals Exam and an Advanced AdWords exam, they then become Google accredited and know which tools are relevant for which businesses and how to maximize their use.

And if Google thinks they’re good enough to be accredited, then that should speak volumes to you. 

A PPC Agency Knows To Keep Up With The Platform Changes

Things are constantly changing on Google platforms.

Did you know Google Ads has a help page that details any major changes, and since September (2019) there have been 32 announcements? 

That’s 32 major changes in the past 6 months

That doesn’t even include any minor changes (there’s probably hundreds) that take place in the User Interface.

Imagine that you finally seem to have at least a surface level of knowledge and the next day it all changes.


How much time would you have to pour into relearning everything you just learned?

Probably more time than you actually have.

So, how can you beat the system?

Hire a PPC agency, who dedicates all their time to learning (and relearning) the user interface. That way, they can make all the recommendations for the best ways to keep up with the platform changes, and all you have to do is make a decision.

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PPC Evolves

Knowledge and understanding of PPC actions and strategies are constantly changing and expanding.

As with most things, the more a concept or strategy is utilized and explored, the better understood it is, which means the more efficient the practices become.

Just because an account was set up one way a few years ago that wouldn’t be efficient today doesn’t mean the account wasn’t set up well, it just means the understanding of PPC has grown significantly and strategies have changed.

Using an agency that specializes in understanding PPC strategy and is able to dedicate the time and immerse themselves in the practice is guaranteed to make more impactful changes than someone who is also trying to balance content, email, social media, SEO, and PPC strategy.

PPC Agencies Know What Data To Track

We already know it’s important to measure the impressions and clicks on your ads. 

But what about knowing how to identify if your traffic is relevant to your ad?

Or if users are actually spending time on your website?

The key to PPC is making sure you generate traffic to your website who want to stay on your website.

What good is irrelevant traffic that clicks on your link only to exit out again?

Especially if you’re paying for that traffic! ?

PPC agencies already have it down pat how to utilize these analytical tools and compile data, meaning they can give you a pretty little report that shows you exactly what works and what doesn’t.

That also means you don’t have to waste valuable hours of your day trying to figure it out yourself (only to end up frustrated and even more confused).


Consumer Behaviour Changes

So we’ve covered the fact that search engines (like Google) change.And that the understanding and knowledge surrounding PPC is constantly changing and evolving.

But have you considered the fact that consumer behaviour changes too?

So you’ve figured it out and set up your account to a “T” — does that mean you’re done?

Not quite.

Did you know there are over 3.5 billion searches every day on Google?

And consumers are more likely to buy on their phones? ?

Have you considered that each season brings a different behaviour towards your business from your consumers?

And that your competition will change — either by becoming more or less aggressive or by increasing or decreasing the amount of competition you have?

Consumers aren’t always reliable.

Hiring a PPC agent to monitor the changes and help you and your business adapt to those changes is unbelievably important.

Convinced you need a PPC agency yet?

Utilizing a PPC agency is the best way to get quicker results that don’t rely on SEO – just make sure to leave it to the professionals, kids.


Have you used a PPC agency? Let us know in the comments!

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