How to use ads scripts to become a genuine PPC expert.

How to Use Ads Scripts to Become a Genuine PPC Expert

If you want to become a PPC expert, you’ll want to start using Google Ads scripts. These scripts save you lots of time and help you get better results. You all know that running google ads is super time consuming and at times a bit tedious. You do the same tasks day after day and it just gets too boring! ?

Maybe you haven’t heard! There are hundreds of free and helpful scripts already created and they are easily found on the net. And they will make your life much easier ? And as a PPC expert, you want to always get great results with your ads and especially achieve a high-quality score. 

You don’t have any other option but to continually optimize your ads. This ensures that you get good results. 

Scripts will help you get there faster because they can do all those wonderful things that you usually have to do manually. Use these scripts so you can spend less time doing the boring stuff and more time making changes that bring in big results. 

There are 3 functions to perform when managing a Google ads account. They are bid management, reporting and analysis, and strategy.

Scripts will make you efficient in the first two freeing up your time to work on strategy. 

Some people get scared off because they think they need to know coding in order to use scripts. But have no fear!! Unless you already know and love to code, just use the ones already written.   

So even if you’re a beginner you can start using scripts. Just copy and paste into the right place and you’re all set.

You may be lost with knowing where to start! So here is a list of 9 core scripts to get you started to becoming a PPC expert!

1. Budget Tracker Script

Checking your clients or your own budget daily is an extremely drab and dreary task ?

But what a relief! This Budget Tracker script will automate that task for you! So easy too!

Daily it will track your spend versus budget. It will automatically assume you want to spend your budget evenly throughout the month.  But if that’s not exactly what you want it to do, you can manually spread your budget throughout the month in the sheet. 

You will get emails sent from this script to let you know the percentage of your budget spent at certain times. You can tell the script to email you weekly or daily.

Isn’t coding great!

2. Anomaly Checker Script

This script is an absolute must!

With it set the metric thresholds that you do not want in a selection of campaigns to go above or below. Then you’ll receive an email whenever that happens. 

If you accidentally paused a campaign this script will let you know. And if you had an unexpected peak in ad spend, this script will let you know that too. These are the types of metric thresholds you can set. 

3. Empty Ad Group Checker Script

It happens! Sometimes you may leave an ad group empty but forgot about it. Or sometimes you may pause some ads and forget to reactivate them. At times you may have all your ads disapproved but you haven’t noticed yet. 

This script will go through all your ad groups and show you which are empty of ads or have no keywords.

4. Hour By Hour Trends Heatmap Script

This very cool Heatmap Script creates a visual and easy to interpret heat map. It shows how your account changes every hour of the day and every day of the week.

It will also show you how each device performs. This analysis would’ve taken at least an hour manually, but now can be done in minutes using this script. Yay! ?

5. A/B Split Testing Script

Any PPC expert knows that A/B testing is a critical part to the success of your ads. This Google ads script will help make it easier and faster to A/B test your ads.

It’s run using labels. You duplicate your campaign and label one ‘control’ and the other ‘experiment’. Add those labels to the script and then run it hourly for over a 2 week period. The script alternates each campaign hourly. One goes on and the other goes off. You can run it for more than 2 weeks ? if you want. 

You want to run it until there are about the same amount of impressions on each campaign. When that happens you’ll want to check the data. Go to the ‘Dimension’ tab and view ‘Campaign labels’. That’s where you’ll find the rich A/B data on the performance of your campaign. 

6. Quality Score Tracker Script

Quality Score is probably the most important metric to track because it will affect your CPC or cost per click ?

This helpful script tracks your Quality Score daily for you. As you work on optimizing your ad campaigns, this script lets you know how every change you make is working. You can then focus your efforts to optimize the things that give you the biggest impact. 

Use this script to track the daily performance of all the individual factors that make up the Quality Score. Some factors would be the expected CTR, the ad relevance and landing page experience.

7. Landing Page Scanner Script

Don’t waste your money on bad URLs! ?

The classic task is to check for 404 pages. But what if there are more things you want to check to see whether you should still run a certain landing page.

This script checks all your landing pages for 404s, out of stock products, and any other undesirable messaging. 

The Landing Page Scanner script will quickly highlight website errors that may go unnoticed. If these pages don’t get corrected, you will waste money on ad spend or your ads could get disapproved. 

This great script will send you an email ? when it detects a bad URL. You can then quickly get that fixed!

8. CPA Alert Script

Your CPA stands for Cost Per Action, (or acquisition). That means you only pay when someone does a specific action, like a sale or lead, on your ad. 

The CPA alert script will let you know when your campaigns are over your CPA limit. You can use this script to make bid changes based on your desired CPA.


9. Inter-Level Label Copier Script

This script gives you the ability to copy labels between levels. You copy from the campaign level to the ad level. It’s an extremely helpful script because once again, if done manually, it just takes too long. 

You can then optimize keywords within a category more easily.

Start using these scripts and manage your Google ads like a PPC expert. Even if you’re just starting out using scripts, rest assured they’re easy to use and won’t do anything harmful to your ads if used correctly. They will improve your ads over time and save you time as well. As you’ve been working on your ads, you may have wished that some things could be automated. Now you know that there’s probably a script created that will help you automate whatever you need. 

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