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Ameet Khabra Marketing has spent the last 10 years whispering to Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and generating eye-popping results for Google Ads campaigns ever since they were called Google AdWords. As a conversion-focused PPC Agency, Ameet Khabra Marketing are Google Ads Specialists; experts in creating real, measurable ROI for their clients. We believe we’re the best PPC Agency around, and if you get in touch with us we’d be happy to show you why.

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“Nothing but good things to say about Ameet. She started working for us a few years ago when we had a very serious overstock issue. She created and executed a plan for us in only a few days that was extremely successful – over 500% ROI.
Cory Tretiak
Cory Tretiak
Adventure Warehouse

Ameet Khabra Experienced ppc expert.

Relying on someone outside of your company is a difficult choice. How will you get our brand voice right? How do you know what’s important to us? What if you just don’t care as much as we do about our brand? I understand these concerns… and I share them. I insist on having a hand in every part of MY brand ad the telling of its story. This level of involvement is something I welcome from my clients. Work with an agency run by someone who cares as much as you do about the success of the brand, because when you win, WE win!

Get More PPC Leads!
Ameet Khabra

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PPC Marketing is an ever-changing discipline. Using the power of Search Engine data on platforms like Google and Facebook, the automated buying of ad space is carefully controlled and optimized by me and my team of Pay Per Click specialists. Following the trends may not be what you do in your wardrobe, but you SHOULD pay attention to the often rapid movement that happens online.


Keyword Research
At the base of every great pay per click advertising campaign is keyword research. By using various tools, I’m able to determine which keywords will generate searched and thus traffic to your website. Continually expanding the account with new keywords along with new negative keywords is one of the many ways I optimize accounts.

Ad Creation (Copywriting)
Writing creative and effective ads and then testing them is what will increase your click-through rate along with your conversion rate.

PPC Campaign Management
Set it & forget doesn’t exist here. I have reports coming into my inbox bright and early every morning that help me ensure that your account is getting the attention when it needs it. By optimizing bids, checking on A/B testing, cleaning up keyword list etc. is what will make the true difference in the performance of your pay per click campaign.

Measure & Optimize
f a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? Here’s a better question, if your website is converting but you’re not tracking it, will you know where to put your advertising dollars? The answer is NO! Before I begin any campaign, I have to ensure we have adequate conversion tracking set up that will funnel into Google Analytics. To be able to optimize your PPC campaign well and thus increase your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), this step is a must.

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Increased Conversions by 300%

Decrease CPA by 92.37%

Created A 563% Return on Investment

Get More PPC Leads!

why work with us

“PROVE-IT” Contract

We ask for 3 months to show you how big of a difference PPC management done by a 10-year professional can make


No hourly charges means that WE have every reason to continually do a better job for you.


Ameet has been on the inside cicrle at Google for almost a decade, participating in their Google Ambassador Program & Google Partner Community.


No set-up fees or takeover charges means we get started RIGHT AWAY at getting YOU more leads!


YOU get the bils from Google charged directly to YOUR credit card; there’s no agency trickery possible!


Ameet is a straight-talker. If there’s a challenge to overcome she won’t be afraid to tackle it with you!


We’ve been known to use the newest (and frankly usually MUCH more difficult and time-consuming) methods and tools to get better results or our clients. We routinely review your landing pages to spot opportunities for you!

“… we more than tripled our overall campaign conversions (without additional spend) in the first year of working together, and now we track those conversions across the entire customer journey through a technology stack that is being used across our divisions.”

Idris Fashan
Daytona Homes

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