Essential tools for PPC specialists.

The 10 Most Useful Tools That every PPC Specialist Needs to Have

As a PPC specialist building your business, you may find that there are several aspects of your business that you have to do on your own. Especially if you haven’t hired a small team to help you out. 

But even without a team you can build your business using all the great tools and resources available out there. These tools make everything easier to implement strategies in your business.

Here is a list of great tools you can use as you build your PPC business.

Facebook Text Overlay Tool

This tool will help you determine if you have too much text on your ad image. If the proportion of text to image is too high, your ad won’t reach your full audience. Use this tool to make sure your ad has the right proportions before you send your ad. That way you won’t be disappointed if your ad’s reach is too low ?

Also, you want your ad to be approved by Facebook. If you get the image right the first time you set it up, you won’t have to waste time redoing it until it’s approved. 

Google URL Builder 

Use this tool to quickly generate a URL with UTM parameters. UTM are tags added to the end of your URL. When your link is clicked the tags are sent back to Google Analytics and tracked. You can tag your links to show the effectiveness of your campaigns. Then you can see and figure out better ways to send visitors to your website.

YouTube Mockup Tool 

This tool allows you to see how your ad will look on YouTube in fullscreen, desktop or mobile formats. 

It’s a great way to preview your ads before making them live. If you work for clients building ads as a PPC specialist, this is how you can send them a mockup and see if they approve it or not. Then you can make adjustments. Perfect for sharing with clients or your team members.

Add A Character Before Each Word

If you work in Excel building your keywords but you forget how to add the plus symbol before each word, use this helpful tool to see the formula again. 

Use this to add any characters you need before or afterwords in your excel sheet ?

Mobile-Friendly Test

Nowadays, everything on the net should be mobile friendly. Your website and landing pages need to be mobile-friendly if you want more customers. 

This tool is easy to use. Just type in the URL you want checked. The tool will give you a screenshot of how your page will look to a mobile user.

It will also give you a list of any mobile ? usability issues your page may have. 

Image Compression

As you search for images, you’ll notice that lots of images have a file size that too big. If you need to compress your images file size, this is a great tool for that. It will reduce the size of PNG or JPEG images for you. 

You want your website pages to open up quickly when someone clicks on your site. Compressing your images will help with your page load speed. 

This tool saves you lots of time. Just upload an image ? and let it do the work!

Facebook Ads Library 

You can use this tool to see what other PPC specialists are running for Facebook ads. You can see what they look like and the copy that’s used. It’s a great way to see what your competitors are doing with ads ?

Page Speed Insights

Here’s another tool to help you with your landing pages load time. This tool will assess how fast your page will load and what changes to make to fix it if it’s loading too slow.

Awesome tool!


Everyone loves Canva once they start using it. It has everything you need to build social media graphics, or PDF opt-ins, infographics, and so much more.

Canva is a creative tool for all your creative needs when you are building a business online. For your social media, Canva provides ready-made templates for each social media platform. All you have to do is change the colours and fonts to match your branding. You can either use their templates or create your own using their images, fonts and other special features they offer. They also have a whole range of other templates for whatever you need and it’s all free. 

The only problem with Canva is you might get stuck having too much fun!!! ?

Sprout Social Landscape

This is a fast and easy way to resize your images that you want to use across all social media platforms. If you haven’t hired a social media marketer, you can use this tool to help you produce multiple social media images that you can use on your profiles and pages and campaigns. 

If you have hired a social media marketer, let them know about this time-saving tool!

And it’s free to use!

As a PPC specialist, you may need to use these time-saving tools because you’re busy! If you work with clients you can work even faster using good tools. 

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