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Want Your Quora Ads to Be Successful? Here’s What You Need to Do

Have you tried using Quora ads? I know. You’re probably thinking that adding a new ad platform to your marketing isn’t always easy ? But it’s worth it! Every ad platform is unique and can help bring in more leads and conversions. 

So shake off those scary feelings and follow these guidelines to help you with your Quora ads. These items will ensure your ad campaigns on Quora are optimized for your long term success. 

Determine Your Campaign Objective

Choosing your campaign objective is an important step when creating quora ads. Once you know your campaign objective, it will help to determine what targeting ? to implement. You have 4 to choose from. 


  • This is where you optimize for conversions rather than clicks. Use conversions to direct traffic to your landing pages. With this objective, your main goal may be to increase conversions for your website.

App Installs

  • This one is easy to understand! Select this objective if you want more people to install your mobile app or game.


  • Everyone wants more traffic ? to their website. Be sure your website is optimized for visitors. Show them where you want them to go next after they land on your website. It could be to select a freebie offer on your opt-in form. 

Brand Awareness

Hooray! You just created a new product or service! So you want people to know about it.  Brand awareness helps people to recognize your business. The more they see your brand, the more they know, like and trust factor is built which creates more leads and engagement. 

Create Lookalike Audiences And Test Out Precision Points

A lookalike ? audience resembles your existing audience. 

With Quora ads, you can test different percentages for lookalike audiences.

Start with testing 1%, 5% or 10%. There isn’t a single best number to choose from, but you can start with those three choices. A higher percentage number will deliver to a higher amount of people, but the performance results may be lower. 

If you select a lower percentage the opposite will happen. Your ads will be more precisely targeted. You’ll get higher performance results but potentially lower delivery. The lower the percentage, the better it will resemble your existing audience. 

Maybe you just don’t know which percentage to choose! Run a 5% test campaign and see how the performance goes. 

If it’s good and you want more reach, then create another lookalike audience ad at a higher number and test that one. Test everything you choose until you’re getting the results you’re happy with ?

Make Sure To Utilize Multiple Forms Of Targeting

Broad targeting

Broad targeting, when selected, means your ads will be shown automatically to people optimized by Quora across the platform. Quora will show your ads to those most likely interested in your business. 

Question Targeting

You can choose the question pages where you want your ad to be seen. Write your ad tailored to that content. 

Topic Targeting

Another way to use quora’s question and answer platform is to target the topics that are relevant to your business. Quora groups question pages into topics. This is where your target audience is hanging out.

Keyword Targeting

Repurpose your keywords and use them with Quora ads. 

Your selected keywords will display your Quora ads on relevant question pages. Keyword targeting will show ads alongside the questions that match the keyword provided. Writing your ad copy will be so much easier when you have a list of keywords that will help with your question targeting. 

Location Targeting

With Quora ads, you can target people geographically ? Use countries, cities or Zip codes. Use this option layered with any of the other targeting options you use. 

Platform Targeting: 

People are using different devices to search the internet. You can target people by specific devices.

Combine this type of targeting with any of the other types of Quora ads. Target by mobile, desktop or Android or iOS.

Interest Targeting

Your target audience may be engaging topics surrounding your type of business, products, and services. They may have read the questions and added upvotes to certain topics. Interest targeting is a great option to show your ads to people who researched certain topics about your business. 

Make Sure To A/B Test At Least 2 Ads Per Set

Always test your ads because you want to compare their performance. Test using different headlines. Wait a week or so, and then change the CTAs. Check and see which ones are doing better than others.

You can also test your copy in the ad, the format of an ad, images and any other element in your ad. Testing will help you decide if you should shut any ads down or not. Wait at least a month before deciding to shut any down. 

Optimize Your Ads Using The Auction Insights

Gather all your data from auction insights. Quora provides great metrics which can help you optimize your campaigns. Your ad set will have to be running for at least a day before the metrics are available.

The metrics include:

  • Impression share
  • Absolute impression share
  • Auctions lost to competition

These metrics are updated daily.

If you’re having good ROI on your Quora ads, you can optimize them for even more delivery. You can increase the bid, improve your creative or expand your targeting. 

Here’s What The Metrics Mean

1. Your auctions lost to competition metric means when your ad set enters the auction it’s not winning very many of them.

If this happens, increase your bid ? or improve your creativity. This can help you win more of the auctions you’re entering. Improving the ad content helps improve how relevant the ad is to users. Improvements help make the ad more interesting and attractive and increase the chance that people will interact with the ad.

2. Sometimes your impression share can be high and your absolute impressions share is low.

It means someone else is winning the top slot in an auction. Your ad is still winning a slot in most auctions, but your competitor is winning!

The ad that wins the top slot gets more clicks, delivery, and higher CTRs. Now is when you should step up your bids and improve your creatives. Make them more interesting, eye-catching and relative.

3. When both your impression share and absolute impression share is high, it means your beautiful ads are winning most of the auctions they enter!

This is when you can expand your targeting options. Target more topics or try several more targeting methods such as interest targeting or lookalike targeting.

Utilize The Email Reporting Feature!

A quick way to see all your metrics is to set up email ? performance reports. 

Here’s how to set this up in the Reporting tab:

  1. Go to the Reporting tab.
  2. Click “+Create Report” in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Name your report.
  4. The report is automatically set for “All Campaigns”. This includes campaign, ad set or ad level reports.
  5. Determine your reporting schedules.
  6. Click “Create Report” to save all changes. 
  7. Your reports will come in a downloadable link.

Quora ads are one of the best ways to promote your business. Quora is also a great place to keep an eye on your competition. You’ll easily discover different trends in your market area and it’s a place to find new ideas. 

Reading all the questions people ask about your topic area will help you write your copy too! You’ll know what people are searching for and what they want help with. You can answer questions ❓ on the platform and promote your brand with ads. This is a great platform to bring in new clients.

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