3 Useful Search Campaign Analyses You Need To Run Regularly

Running regular search campaign analyses will help you improve your ad performance, and you’ll discover whether or not your ad spend is being used properly! ? So, in other words, if you’re wasting money, you’ll want to find out so that you can put an end to that!

In your paid search campaigns, you want to know what’s working and what isn’t. There’s always room for improvement, too, because the paid search landscape is constantly evolving. It’s not something you can just set up once and let run forever.

Because there are so many metrics you’re able to track and analyze, this post narrows it down to 3 important and useful analyses you can do to get some good data that will help your campaigns! ?

Perform a Quality Score Analysis

If you want to know if your ads, keywords and landing pages are relevant to the person who sees your ad, then the Quality Score Analysis is what you need to do. The higher your Quality Score is, the lower your costs are ?

While some clients don’t review this metric as often as conversions or cost, it’s still a super valuable metric because it impacts your ad performance. 

Keywords are how your customers find you ? Your Quality Score will help you determine the relevance of those keywords. It shows you the CTR of the keyword in its ad.

Your targeted keywords need to be in the content of your landing page, too. Your audience clicked on your ad to find out more about what you are offering. If they end up on a landing page that isn’t relevant to the ad they clicked on, then you’ve probably lost a conversion ? A strong message match will increase conversions! 

Using this type of search campaign analysis will ensure your landing page content is relevant and useful to the people who are searching for your keywords. 

As you improve your Quality Score, you will begin to rank higher and get more impressions.

Track Auction Insights

Google’s Auction Insights will help you see how your ad is doing compared to your competition who are participating in the same auction as you.

Google Auction Insights look at:

  • Impression Share: Find out how often your ad received an impression.
  • Overlap Rate: This metric shows how often your competitor received an impression that your ad also received an impression for.
  • Position Above Rate: Shows how often a competitor’s ad received a higher position than your ad during the same auction.
  • Top of Page Rate: This metric shows how often your ad was shown at the top of page results, above the organic listings.
  • Outranking Share: Find out the times your ad ranked higher than the competition’s during the auction.

Use a spreadsheet to keep track of these insights. For example, you may want to run an auction insight report every week for 60 days and markdown your results. If you review these insights after a long period of time, it will help you evaluate trends at an in-depth level ?

Analyze Your Current Ad Copy

Your ad copy needs to be high quality and relevant to your target audience and customers. Write your ads with compelling copy and use the top keywords in the ad. Put your keywords in the headline, body, and URL if possible. 

When a reader is searching on Google, they will click on the ads that appear most relevant to the keywords they typed in. Be sure your message lists ? all the benefits for your potential clients. 

If you write about their needs, they will respond to those ads. Also, give them a specific call to action which will increase your engagement ?

Implement Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are relevant additional information about your business, like a phone number ?or a link to a landing page on your website. Use a minimum of 3 ad extensions in your ad. 

Ads with more than one extension tend to perform better. They improve your ad’s visibility and CTRs (clickthrough rates).

Test the copy and different creatives. You’ll gain more insight into what your audience prefers. This helps you improve the performance of your ads.

It’s also useful to do an account audit as well as your search campaign analyses. An account audit will dive deeper into what areas need further attention or improvement so that you can achieve better ad performance. The more knowledge you have about how your ads are performing, the better results you will get ?

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