How to Use Social Advertisement on Twitter for B2B

How to Use Social Advertisement on Twitter for B2B

You probably don’t hear much about advertising on Twitter. But Twitter has some powerful targeting and objective features you won’t find anywhere else! Using social advertisements on Twitter shouldn’t be left out of your marketing campaigns. It can definitely help you grow your business and find new customers! 

How to Use Social Advertisement on Twitter for B2B

What Is Twitter For Business?

Twitter calls its advertising platform ‘Twitter for Business’. You have two ways to advertise on Twitter.

  • Automatically promote your Tweets as ads.
  • Create custom campaigns via Twitter Ads.

Automatically Promote Your Tweets

For a set monthly fee your Tweets and account are automatically promoted. Twitter says this automatic type of promoting your Tweets will help you reach up to 30,000 people every single month ?

It works like this. Each day as you add numerous Tweets to your feed, Twitter picks the first 10 that pass their quality filter. Those 10 Tweets are then added to your Promoted Tweets campaign where you have already selected a targeted audience.

Those 10 Tweets are now Twitter Ads. They will have a small ‘Promoted’ icon on them. The Tweets that won’t get promoted are Retweets, Quote Tweets or replies.

Launch A Twitter Ads Campaign

For launching an ad campaign you go through the Ads Manager. This is where you set everything. You set:

  • Campaign dates and budget.
  • Nail down your targeting.
  • Choose Twitter Cards that suit your campaign. 
  • Extend your campaigns with Twitter Audience Platform.
  • Create a Direct Message card.

Campaign Targeting

You have several targeting capabilities when using Twitter.

For targeting audiences you can choose tailored audiences ? and tailored audiences from lists, the web or from mobile apps. 

When targeting demographics you can choose geography, gender, language, and age. You can also choose device and new mobile ? user targeting.

The audience features you can choose from are behaviour targeting, conversation, and event targeting, interest and follower look-alikes, keyword, movie and TV show and Tweet engagement targeting. 

You’ll first want to set up an objective for your campaigns. These are the choices Twitter includes:

  • Quick Promote
  • Followers campaign
  • Tweet engagement campaign
  • Website clicks or conversions campaign
  • App installs or app engagement campaign
  • Create a Promoted video views campaign
  • Awareness campaign

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Your social advertisement on Twitter will be similar to other marketing strategies you use. But you will want to tailor the execution because they offer a couple of different options. For example, audience selecting is unique ?

Create A Purpose-Driven Profile Page

You don’t have too much space on Twitter to create your profile. So you have to make the space count!

  • Use high-quality images for your banner and your profile picture ? Create your banner to showcase what your business is all about. 
  • When choosing a Twitter handle, make sure it matches your company. Using your company name is the best, but if it’s already taken, you’ll have to get creative.
  • In your bio, you should have your elevator pitch about your business. It should contain a link to your website. 
  • It’s best practice to update your Pinned Tweet frequently. Include your most relevant info for your customers. This is what they’ll see first.

Build A Good Content Strategy

Twitter happens fast! ?

Because it moves so fast you want to capture your audiences’ attention with your great content. Provide lots of value for your followers. Make sure each tweet is a unique idea, or it entertains or educates your followers. You want them to take notice and stop and click for more information ?

You probably already have lots of content resources in your business you can choose and select Tweets from. Mix it up too! Use text posts, images ? with text posts, infographics and videos. Grab your follower’s attention because like I said, everything is moving fast on Twitter!

Use hashtags too! You never know when someone will find you because of a #hashtag you just used. 

Engage With Your Audience

If someone is commenting or sharing your posts, you’ll want to engage with them and reply to their comments. People want to hear from you. It’s good to build conversations with the people who like your content. 

There are several ways to engage with people on Twitter. You can ask questions, reply to their comments, tag people or host Q & As. Ask questions ❓ and find out their pain points. This is a great way to start writing more content targeted to your audiences’ concerns. 

Twitter is still a valuable platform for social advertisement. Fewer people on Twitter doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. You’ll probably get noticed more often. There are still tons of people who use Twitter every day and would be interested in your products or services. Use Twitter’s unique audience and targeting features in your ads to grow your business and sales ?

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