Social Media Advertising

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and more.


If your customers are on social media, your ads should be too.

Paid advertising on social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter takes finesse. It's not about coddling followers, it's about placing ads strategically to drive leads and conversions - and ideally doing this at the lowest possible cost per lead.

If you're like most marketing managers, social media advertising is a lot to juggle. And you certainly don't have time to do the extra work of consistently optimizing your ads to eliminate irrelevant traffic and increase conversions from your target customers.

Leave it to the experts to ensure your social media ads deliver the highest possible ROI.

Partner With the Social Media Advertising Unicorns Experts

  • Facebook Advertising

    More than any other social media platform, Facebook lets you target your exact audience - right down to age, interests, behaviour and location. If you know who your customers are, we can easily help you connect with them using Facebook ads.

  • Instagram Advertising

    Does your brand have a story to tell? We can help you tell that story using images that reach a highly targeted segment of over 1 billion users on Instagram.

  • LinkedIn Advertising

    If you're trying to reach executive leadership, decision-makers and corporate employees with your B2B marketing, LinkedIn is the ideal social platform for an advertising campaign. We can help you target your ads to users based on job title, company, location, industry and more.

  • YouTube Advertising

    Believe it or not, YouTube offers more than cute videos of kittens hugging puppies. It's also the second largest search engine, following Google (of course). Video advertising on YouTube can reach more leads than ever before.

  • Other Social Media Advertising

    Advertising on other platforms like Twitter and Pinterest may also deliver outstanding ROI for your business - and new social media apps are launching all the time. Talk to us about your business growth goals and your customer base, and we'll give you our expert guidance on what platforms would be the best use of your marketing budget.

Real Results

Social media advertising worked like a charm for our residential real estate client in St. Albert. With the 98 new leads that came in from that campaign, their new housing community sold out in the pre-sales period.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"All in all, we more than tripled our overall campaign conversions (without additional spend) in the first year of working together, and now we track those conversions across the entire customer journey through a technology stack that is being used across our divisions. It's incredible having such a strong sense of buyer preferences and behavior, and we will continue to work with Ameet Khabra and her team as she helps us get to bigger successes our digital marketing."

Idris F.
Marketing Manager, Daytona Homes

"She's a Google AdWords and Facebook Ads aficionado with a data driven focus that has been tremendously useful to our digital ads strategy.

Additionally, she has a keen awareness of emerging web marketing trends and the ever-changing new media landscape that has served us tremendously. Ameet's willingness to go above and beyond and adapt seamlessly to change makes her a wonderful addition to any team."

Fadeke A.
Marketing Manager, Instamek

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