Post-secondary schools and universities are some of the most competitive digital spaces anywhere.

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From North America to Europe to Asia, colleges and universities compete against each other in digital, fighting to register prospective students, qualify potential instructors and even attract interest from stakeholders and funders.

Fortunately, many strategies are available, and advertising channels still offer ways to target and attract the leads + conversions needed to grow and sustain your programs.


Does Pay Per Click Work for Universities?

Absolutely. Not only can you achieve the return on investment (ROI) goals through PPC, but with the right team, you can reduce your cost per lead, making your campaign more sustainable over time.


Pay Per Click for Post Secondary 

Why is PPC advertising a great channel for post-secondary marketing?

  • It lets you choose the optimal keywords to rank for
    • The subtle differences between search terms can mean the difference between the right target (graduate students) or the wrong target (upskill diploma seekers)
  • It lets you choose where and when your ads get placed
    • Most ad platforms are pay-to-play auctions, and you can get a sense of where your competitors place in those auctions and how well they do
  • It gives you control of your message and budget
    • There are fewer words that give marketers confidence than knowing where exactly the money goes and what it gets spent on.


What Goes Into A University or Post Secondary PPC Strategy?

Ongoing and Comprehensive Keyword Research

Keywords are the first step in understanding your buyers’ intent. The harder you work to understand the behaviour of your best prospects from the start point, the better your performance will be long-term.

Ongoing Bid Management

Anyone who has turned their back on a PPC campaign has seen worst-case scenarios with budget performance. Careful, consistent management of bids and competitors ensures you stay on target and minimize your costs per lead.

Tracking, Measuring, and Monitoring

One of the most important factors in maintaining success is understanding performance and progression. By seeing what is making money—and pausing what isn’t—we keep your campaigns clean and efficient.

Ongoing PPC Collaboration

What good is a PPC strategy if it doesn’t involve you? Our approach is to keep you informed, and up to date on changes in the data and pivots, we can consider deploying. We report on a bi-weekly basis, and we stay available and accountable. 

PPC can have immediate impacts on your institution's brand visibility, program demand and the number of leads.

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