Boost your brand with video advertising.

How to Use Video Advertising to Boost Your Brand

Video advertising works! Even if you don’t have a big following on social media or your email list isn’t there yet. Without video advertising, you probably won’t get enough views to bring the desired results for your business because of your small following when you are first starting out.

The result you want is to have your audience take some type of action. It could be going to a landing page on your website, or to go to a blog post with an opt-in form where they give you their email address ? Or it might be to buy one of your products. 

Did you know that most people spend one-third of their online time watching videos? Videos obviously influence their behaviour. So why not build your marketing with video ads? 

Here are some ways to use video advertising to help make building brand awareness easier! ?

Video Advertising Builds Trust

If you want to make more of a personal connection with your fans and followers then you want to use videos. And people love ? video advertising more than they like regular ads. They find that videos are more compelling than reading text. 

Videos contribute to putting your name out there, but especially to put a face on your brand. It lets your audience know you’re open to building a relationship. You can end your video with a CTA or ask them a question and encourage people to have a conversation with you. 

Building relationships is the most important part of videos. People remember videos and will remember you. They’ll be more likely to share videos that add to your marketing strategy. Your customers then become people who are broadcasting your brand because they enjoy your video ads and they’ll spread the word. 

If you host live events, video advertising is a great way to let people know about them. Maybe you have charity fundraisers or seminars for your business. You could also use videos to lead people to your webinars or landing pages. 

If you add videos to your ad campaigns and landing pages it will increase the time people spend on your page which really boosts engagement. 

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Take The Opportunity To Show Off Your Brand’s Vision

Usually, a video will speak to your audiences’ needs and you provide the answers with the services you offer.

But what if you added a storyline to your video? You can add a short and simple storyline with characters too ? Now this video will really stick like glue. It will become so much more memorable. Your storyline should evoke emotion because people make buying decisions with the emotional part of their brain. Just watch some videos big corporations have made and you’ll see how they create the emotional pull. 

Make yourself memorable by taking your brand’s vision and sizing it down to a plain, human moment. Also, show your audience what your values are in all the different platforms including video advertising. You don’t have to quit using text in blogs or ads, just incorporate more compelling videos.

Make Sure Your Brand Is Consistent 

Be consistent with your messaging and your brand design in all your marketing platforms. Use the same colours, fonts, and style in all your content. 

Do the same with your video advertising. When someone sees your video, they will quickly recognize you and your brand. When your brand is well recognized, you will stand out in a crowd. 

Just think how well Coca Cola had stook out for decades with their signature red and their recognizable font. If you love Coca-Cola, how can you resist not hopping in your car to buy a bottle or two?! 


That’s how good advertising is done. Be inspired to use these types of ads with your videos too!

Show Your Video Ads To People Who Will Watch Them

If you use video advertising with Facebook ads, the video views objective can help to deliver your ad to people who are more likely to watch it for longer ?

Facebook provides 2 optimization options under the video views objective.

  • ThruPlay is an optimization option they offer. It optimizes video ads to be watched to completion or at least 15 seconds. This recently became the default option for video views objectives and has replaced 10-second video views. With message completion for your ad campaigns, ThruPlay helps ensure you reach your marketing goals 
  • Your customers on mobile really consume content fast. Recalling a brand can happen in just one second. So you want to optimize for 2-second continuous video ? views. This can be long enough for a user to know your brand message. 

With video ads, you want to get to the point quickly. Pick only 3 or 4 points to highlight in your video and make it concise. People will be more likely to watch a short and sweet video. As much as people enjoy videos, they tend to click away after about 10 seconds. If you make your video short and sweet they are more likely to watch it till the end. A short video isn’t as overwhelming as a long video. 

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Create Original Videos

People watch hundreds of millions of hours of video every day on YouTube alone! That’s a lot of competition! The more original your videos are the better you’ll get noticed and stand out. 

If your video advertising is original it will grab people’s attention. After everyone scans and watches several videos, they get to know the overused stock images and similar formats. So when you do something absolutely original, it makes sense that you’ll stand out above the crowd.

Here’s a great example of a short and catchy video. It’s only 15 seconds long and gets to the point fast!

And you can make your videos extremely memorable with being original. To help you with coming up with something original, just look at what other people are doing in your industry and come up with something better and more interesting and eye-catching. 

You know what will create awareness and help you stand ? out in your industry. 

Not only do you want your ad to stand out, but you also want people to take action on it. They’ll remember your brand plus buy a product or go to your website to find out more about you. 

Have fun and use your imagination when creating a video ad especially if you use animation. There are no limits to what you can come up with! ?

Keep in mind what your business goals ? are when you select an objective in your video advertising. You can measure your ad campaign by tracking video views, ad recall or something else. Make the choice that matters most to you for each campaign. 

To determine what works best, test and then optimize your campaign based on what you found out. You want to find out and test which optimization drives the best results for your personal business. 

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