Youtube: Drive More Traffic with CTA Extensions

I talk about extensions a lot… maybe too much. They’re just so damn useful I can’t help but get excited whenever I get a chance to use them for my clients. It’s an easy and consistent way to elevate your campaigns to the next level and drive better ROI for your clients.

YouTube has streamlined your experience and created the Video CTA as an in-stream option for ad delivery.. These call-to-action (CTA) extensions are available for any video ad using the TrueView in stream model. Let’s have a look at how to use them!

Here’s what in in-stream CTA ad looks like:

YouTube CTA Example

You’re probably pretty familiar with them by now, so I won’t talk too much about how they’re different from the old overlay ads of years past. They key takeaway is that these ads use a video as the background and are esigned to boost CTR as the video does all the talking; the call-to-action fields are only 10 characters long (including spaces), and the headline is only 15 characters (also including spaces).

Using this limited space and time effectively is where the real fun begins! You can use the same video and split test multiple combinations of headline and CTA text to see what works best! Yes, I know I say “test, test, and test” in every blog post but I’m SERIOUS! There’s no sense in being given the ability to test out ads and not taking the opportunity. That’s the beauty of digital advertising: there’s basically no cost to test!

person taking a test
Imagine doing this, but for free and in zero seconds

Try using different styles of CTA in each ad. If you’re giving away a guide or a checklist (cough cough) you can try saying it’s free, or saying download now, or another variation of asking people to take your shit for no money in return. It’s fascinating to see that often your intuition is wrong and your audience doesn’t think like you do!

Use CTA extensions to breathe new life into your campaigns and drive conversions easily. These ads have quickly become the top option for YouTube advertising, proving to be both easy to implement and effective for their users.

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